Monday, April 5, 2010

STOLEN MOMENTS: Pagudpod Summer 2010 Fashion Sidelights

The Holy Week has ended. But the memories of our sudden and unplanned escape to Pagudpod in Ilocos Norte last week remain as vivid as its crystal-clear waters. The skies were blue, the beach had a vast stretch of pristine white sand. The wind was moderately blowing along the waves of the turquoise sea.

As we lazed along its coast and basked under the sun, I noticed summer fashion brewing as more and more people jumped into the water clad in their best beach getups, accessories and sexy bikinis! Then I suddenly caught myself taking stolen shots as some boys and gals made their statement quite more visible - and irresistible - under my watchful eyes and Samsung digital camera.

See how Pagudpod (Saud Beach in particular) vied for fashion and some of those virtual unknowns who made it thru my summer heatlist!

Animal Appeal: A lovely lady with red lips, wearing a zebra-striped bikini under a white mesh coverup and a tantalizing fuchsia bag is as fierce as it gets.

Oh-la-la! A flawless skin + well-toned body + graphic-printed black trunks = boylet material!

I'm your Venus: This girl is flaming-hot in a color-blocked bikini number matched with a fiery orange printed sarong, sunglasses and a green sling-on bag with tropical prints.

Short Story: Hawaiian floral-printed board shorts is hot while enjoying the waves.

Sexy Back: This couple surely knows how to do sunbathing in graphic-printed style.

With a body like hers (and a sexy swimsuit, too), I wouldn't mind taking off that sheer white tunic coverup.

Reading is fun - and stylish - under the sun in a white and black classic combo topped with a huge hat.

Love my own: My brother scores high in this pattern to pattern mix-match, a straw hat, native bracelets, Henna tattoo, Ray-ban wayfarers and Havaianas flip-flops.

Back talk: I am loving this laid-back assymterical dress with Ed Hardy rocker prints!

Ate radiates strong confidence (despite that her flabs are showing) in a Puma midriff top, sporty shades, a blue sarong pants and a plastic tote bag.

Blues Clues: Sando tops and shorts in shades of blue are must-haves for the boys.

This young lady is easy-breezy in a cute green floral-printed peasant dress matched with a pink & black checkered native bag.

At a young age, this little girl draws attention in a neon green getup with a girly hemline that sways and swings while walking on the sand.

This grandma turns Pagudpod beach as her jungle in a cheetah-spotted garb and a big straw hat to shield her from the sun - and perhaps, from too much attention as well!

Here they come: Even our sisters in faith strutted their stuff in eye-popping see-thru shirt over orange shorts and a printed satin scarf made into a halter top over marine-green shorts.

NOTE: These pictures were randomly taken. If I have included you here, I apologize for not having acknowledged you. Hope you understand.


  1. buti na lang wala ako dito at di naging fashion victim (LOL).

  2. hahaha ate lun! nakakalurks ka! who knows kaw pala ang beach goddess na hinahanap ko... :-)