Sunday, August 29, 2010


No, not Cesar... But his shoe designs (I am pertaining to the title... kayo talaga mga veks)!

A few weeks back, we borrowed some shoes from his Greenbelt 5 store which we used for a fashion editorial shoot for a magazine. Because of such beauties, I took the opportunity to shoot them before returning.

THE HUNTRESS. Chocolate brown platform with safari-print

THE UPTOWN GIRL. Cerulian blue and burnt brown buckled strappy platform

THE BRONZED GODDESS. Metallic bronze platform with zipper and fringe

THE LADY WHO LOUNGES. Matte silver cutout buckled platform

Just holding these magnificent shoes feels like heaven. Well-designed with pure craftsmanship, GAUPO shoes are of real international caliber. Quite pricey (if you could afford something like P8,000 to P18,000 to a whopping P30,000 per pair!), but these shoes are to die for! If I could only walk on these pairs (yeah, dream on)!

Now vekis, wake up and stop dreaming! Leave these shoes to rich, stylish women with fat wallets and high credit card limits. By the way, thanks to Ms. Erica Bugia of Maldita Group of Companies.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FACE OFF: Regine Tolentino vs. Jinky Pacquiao

Yes vekis, it's time to move on... After that one major major sayang moment with Maria Venus Raj so close to bagging the Ms. Universe crown, we have other things to tackle and people to pick on, hahaha!

George and I just got off a soothing massage therapy at the Neo Day Spa at the Fort. Upon heading home, I saw a roving backlit billboard along EDSA depicting Regine Tolentino for A FUCOIDAN seaweed supplement. I thought she looked like a troubled, sunken sirena... Kaya pala, it's a gift from the sea daw!

Not to insult the supreme dance diva, but I have to agree with Geo that Regine resembles Jinky Pacquiao (whom we saw last week shopping a la diva herself with humungous 5 full racks of clothes at Forever 21).

Oh di ba, pwede din maging sirena si Jinky P.!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


As usual, my partner Geo's very keen eyes alerted me to COCO MARTIN's latest billboard ad for BENCH. Ay mali, HERBENCH pala!

Having worked with Coco for WADE last summer (the on-going billboard ad stands at EDSA), we have noticed the familiar pose with a girl model at Coco's back. See Wade's ad campaign below:

Looking closely, let's compare both ads side-by-side:

Almost the same, di ba?! I certainly don't know what's with Coco's batok and likod - both ads have a girl model na feel ang likod niya at nakapikit effect din. Coincidence or not, Coco Martin's back is now the hottest place on earth to lean on!

On a side note, the Oh-la-la deo-spray ad by HerBench seemed incorrect with the caption "Captivate him" -  it's pretty obvious that the girl has gotten more captivated with Coco's batok than the other way 'round.

Basta vekis, judge for yourself!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AUGUST COVER OF THE MONTH: Diet on Garage Magazine

This August, our cover choice of the month immediately goes to GARAGE Magazine that features Diether Ocampo looking muyyy gwapoooo in simple V-neck shirt and pants in neutral colors. No fuzzy layering and styling. Very manly lang... very straightforward!!!

The timely cover comes in the midst of controversy involving the breakup of Diet with his pretty now ex-girlfriend, Rima Ostwani. GARAGE is also celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


From the company that brought SHAPES comes another cheeky feminine brand, MIRROR. I am not quite sure why it was named such... Perhaps girls oftentimes look at themselves on a mirror while trying to put on a dress or two or to the nth power!

This midyear, MIRROR takes off the launch pad with four billboard ads across Metro Manila (mayaman di ba!). With a fresh upstart celebrity endorser Glaiza de Castro, the MIRROR ad campaign takes on reflections with colorful light-bending effects to brighten up the highways during this gloomy rainy season.

A deadringer for Angel Locsin, Glaiza de Castro is definitely a sight to behold. This young actress will have a great future ahead! See how Glaiza faired in her ad campaign:

Before I do my mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all, it's very timely that one of its owners is celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday and thanks for everything Sir August!

Now, check out MIRROR branches in Trinoma, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Place GenSan, Marquee Mall Pampanga and Marquee Mall Iloilo.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello vekis, have you gone shopping recently? George and I were both exalting in tremendous joy with the sale madness going on this midyear. Despite the busy schedule, we made it a point to buy really nice things at reduced prices while pulling out clothes on the side for our upcoming pictorials. With all the stresses and hardwork going on, it always feels good to buy a little something extra!

Lucky enough, we were able to shop around during the last few days of the midseason sale. Some retail stores, though, have extended their sale dates until mid-August.

On a side note, we particularly loved the sale items at TOPMAN. George couldn't seem to get hold of himself and stashed the cash with items already at 1/2 the price  with corresponding Buy One Take One promo. That means, you buy an item at 50% off, and get another for free. Where on earth can you avail such amazing fabulous treat!

Going around Greenbelt 5 and SM Mall of Asia, let us see how retail shops faired in luring customers to come in with their sale window designs:

WHEN COLORS DO THE TALKING: CELINE takes the top spot for the most creative sale window as it veered away from the usual red sale colors by using brights and attracting customers with 50% off delight on all items.

HOT PURSUIT: A searing sale window signage by TERRANOVA in hot orange with in-your-face up to 50% off sale offering.

IN FULL CIRCLES: My former baby brand WADE looks good in red round sale signages while my partner George hunts for good finds.

BLUES CLUES: PAUL SMITH keeps its window simple, modern and cool.

RED HOT: MANGO's lipstick-red sale stickers are smoochingly irresistable with upto 50% off on select items.

ELECTRIC YOUTH: Young and fun sale window contrasts F&H's modernist interior with a violator sticker that envelopes its glass facade. 

BLAST FROM THE PAST: ZARA is always the place to go during sale events even if the brand recycles its sale signage.

INTO THE DARK: ARROW goes for eclectic black for its 10th Anniversary sale.

BOLDER THAN YOU: IZOD opted to announce its sale in bold red caps with upto 50% off - very simple and direct.

HARD SELL: A sales personnel from MANEL'S does beyond the call for duty by relentlessly calling customers to come inside the store. Talk about hard times!

While some stores are still at it, go to the malls and help the economy by shopping wisely!