Saturday, April 30, 2011


Seeing OS ACCESSORIES on hand, I must say it's kilig to the bones!

These are no dinosaur skeletons! Though bone might tend to be associated with the primitive, even prehistoric, new accessory label OS believes that the raw beauty of the material is extremely versatile. Combining high-quality polyutherane animal bone reproductions with industrial elements, such as nuts, bolts, screws, and chains, OS provides unmistakably contemporary and completely wearable accessories - giving your personal style some teeth.

OS revolves around the idea of bones as objects of adornment, living up to the ethymology of its name. It is composed of like-minded individuals who are multidiscplinary creatives. Kat Medina is a painter, illustrator and jewelry designer. Paul Jatayna is a photographer, blogger and style enthusiast. AJ Omandac, whom I've recently met and dealt with, is originally an artist-illustrator.

It was a trip to Baguio , June last year, when they saw tribal jewelry in Session Road. During that time these folks were wearing layered metal accessories, and from then came an innovative idea that bones and metals are a perfect marriage! It took them a while, though, to finally launch the brand, but it was all worth the wait.
The buzz about this new accessory line is that upon its initial release, the Volume I collection got sold out immediately. Fashion enthusiasts, who are not afraid to be different, are to be blamed as they took the chance to wear the bones first, and stir some ohhhhs and ahhhhs. However, to interested others who want to place orders, the edgy trio handcraft each piece themselves, and no worries since they have regular production each month.

OS Vol. I Collection is available for viewing online at Place your orders here since they ship locally and internationally. OS will also be stocking by May at Anthology at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, AC+362 in Greenbelt 5 and at Poetry, Siem Rep in Cambodia.

SPINE Necklace. Price: P4,550
RIB CAGE Necklace. Price: P1,490
BONE TIE Necklace. Price: P890
CARTILAGE Necklace. Price: P4,850

FISHBONE Necklace. Price: P1,590

TUSK Necklace. Price: P1,190
CROSSBONE Necklace. Price: P790

SCAPULA Necklace. Price: P1,590
VERTEBRAE Necklace. Price: P4,990
HORN Necklace. Price: P1,390
BIRDSKULL Necklace. Price: P790

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Ryuji Shiomitsu
Hair & Makeup: Archie Tolentino
Art Direction & Layout: Paul Jatayne & Kat Medina
Models: Shereed Villanueva & Kate Bautista

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Are you in the mood for some bad-ass, kickin' rock and roll?

Manila-based international fashion label PROUD RACE looks back to the 1990's for edgy, youthful, neo-grungy designs with the launch of their new collection for A/W 2011 called "HEARTCORE".

Being fans of rock and roll, it was inevitable that the label is paying homage to their favorite rock legends. From Axl Rose to Kurt Cobain to Sid Vicious, as well as the women in these rockstars' lives, PROUD RACE was inspired to create pieces that emulate their iconic status and translate their cool vibe on to the label's distinct clothing aesthetic. With color pallettes composed of nudes and grays, this solid, strong and contemporary collection is bound to be unique on its own.

PROUD RACE has been creating minimal pieces and reinterpreting traditional garments into their own artistic style. The label’s been focused in making gender-neutral clothes with their trademark raw finish. It’s androgynous without being contrived, coherent and definitely wearable.

For press/buyer information/pre-orders, please email or download the PDF lookbook on their website to get details on how to place orders at

All sexed up. Nude bodysuit with prints.

Jesus Christ Superstar. Long-sleeved Nazareno shirt and cargo pants.

Riding Hood. Loose zip-up hooded parka and slitted skirt.

Apostle's Creed. Assymetric top with turtleneck and raw-hemmed cropped leggings.

Seeing Thru. Sheer nude dress with navel-baring gray top.

Skirting the issue. Gray printed shirt over pleated half-skirt and utility pants.

Fringed Benefit. Rider's jacket with tassles and ribbed cropped leggings.

On Neutral Ground. Button-down top with longsleeved inner over cargo pants.

Flesh Flash. Cropped top and knee-baring skirt with high slit.

Sheer Pleasure. Assymetric see-thru tank top over utility pants.

Photography: Everywhere We Shoot
Models: Marita Ganse and Mark Brown
Makeup: Sam Gallardo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For all you know, I am not a judge, and most definitely, I am not an expert. Let's just say I am a keen observer, and I like seeing beautiful things.

Across EDSA - from Pasay to Magallanes to Buendia to Guadalupe to Ortigas to Cubao to QC to Monumento and back - we have seen a bombardment of fashion billboard ads from retail companies that are all out to gain and snatch attention, inspire and ignite our imagination.

From the trendiest apparel to the fiercest shoes to the latest bags to the most exciting accessories and so on, brands are battling out to create the most inviting visuals to promote their products. To make the story short, they need to make sales.

If we are to head to the malls and check the brands for their latest summer collection, would we stash the cash when we see Enchong Dee for Bench looking like a crippled beggar asking for help in an ad campaign that says 'Return to Temptation'?
Enchong Dee must be in real pain. There's nothing "tempting" in this picture at all!

According to a friend, kulang na lang ng lata, pwede na siya mamalimos! For a goodlooking actor such as Enchong and for a giant brand like Bench, this is injustice. Whoever did this must be crucified (too late though for Holy Week)! Even Enchong's other picture is a big fashion crime:
Enchong deserves more than this "pambahay lang" styling.

On the other hand, you may agree or disagree with me, but Kris Aquino should admit she could not model a pair of good shoes. In this billboard ad by Figlia, I almost thought she was a waitress. Should we place our orders now?
I don't hate Kris, but I hate the fact she agreed to pose like this. Sayang ang dress! And oh... the shoe - it seems like a size 12!

Oh my, Vanessa Matsunaga, what have they done to you lately?! Are they pegging you as a drag sea queen? With all the pearls and the sparkling gems, I did not recognize that this is a Technomarine ad (poor watch, couldn't see it)! Ariel, the Little Mermaid, wouldn't be so happy to see this under the sea!
Isn't this almost like an ill version of one of ANTM Cycle 15's photo shoots?

For Onesimus, I ask who's that girl in the background? They should have cropped yaya out of the picture. Fail tuloy!
Ate looks like a scary stalker from behind. The groom's face says it all.

Those being said, I commend brands that stepped their way with stylish effort to come up with tastefully-done pictorials that are worth the adulation - and our money, of course! We may have varied opinions, but the following ad campaigns have me in the mood for shopping:

Solenn Heusaff's steamy swimsuit ad is a wow head-turner! Penshoppe has never gone this bold before. Vivid visual, scorching bikini, very sexy glam, ultimately lifestyle and aspirational - had me thinking of Gucci!

Love the idea of using local top models such as Ria Bolivar - it's about time! The prints, the colors and the collage are all but pretty!

After hitting on Enchong Dee's pictures, Bench finally gets the meaning of temptation right with this sensual photo of Jake Cuenca and Lovi Poe.

Seeing hot momma Ruffa Gutierrez looking fierce and gorgeous in this new ad, I wanna go to Belo immediately!

Great production design, soft-lit photography, very serene - KC Concepcion is the chic country girl for Bayo this summer.

The Gonzaga sisters get leggy and floral for this Shapes pictorial.

Just her face - Anne Curtis gets hippie-pretty for this new scent by F&H.

Rhian Ramos captivates as the new face of Cinderella.

The brand is going global in terms of look and merchandise. Love the Terry Richardson feel in each photo!

Freeway goes wet and sexy - the right elements for a sultry summer.

 NOTE: These photos are not mine. Pure opinions only - nothing personal.

Monday, April 25, 2011


For some unexplainable reason, Geo and I seemed to be nautically-inclined with our recent fashion editorial shoots. It started this year with MONDAY MAGAZINE's sizzling pictorial entitled  'Nautical Numbers' wherein we sailed away to amazing Subic Bay via Apa Ongpin's private yacht (I published a blog entry about it last month). The cruise experience was self-gratifying - living the grand life has never felt that good!

So here we go the second time, feeling luxurious and sushal all over again... The 'amazing cruise-aders' are back to the sea with this month's edition of PEOPLE ASIA MAGAZINE - also taking on the pleasure side of holiday cruise. This time around, we navigated the blue waters of Peninsula de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, and transformed (the already stunning) SAM PINTO as the charter queen of the world.

And oh, by the way, this shoot had so much statement that Sam P., Tatum Ancheta (art director), Dix Perez (photographer) and some others came aboard a helicopter coming to the location! Geo and I were soooo inggit... Lucky you, Mama Cherry Pacheco (our makeup artist), at least you were able to ride the chopper on the way back to Manila! :-)

To our friends and everybody else, please grab a copy of PEOPLE ASIA this April 2011 (with Gretchen Barretto on the cover - styled by Geo as well) and check out how the sea princesses turned another rendition of cruise control.

SEA GODDESS. Turquoise draped goddess dress by ROEL ROSAL (to order at 09053619263); Beaded wire arm cuff and chunky beaded choker, both by FIRMA (Greenbelt 3); Beaded long necklace with silver appliqués by FURLA (Greenbelt 5); Platforms by STEVE MADDEN (Greenbelt 5).

SWEPT AWAY. Polka-dotted cover-up and striped swimsuit, both by GERRY KATIGBAK (to order at 09189417189); Black bangle with studs and beige studded acrylic cuff, both by FIRMA (Greenbelt 3); White loop earrings, black & gold ring, brown native wooden bracelets, red and orange ribbed bangles, feline-striped bangle, printed acrylic bangle, all by SM ACCESSORIES; Black wooden clogs by PARISIAN (SM Department Store).

SUN KISSED. Abstract-patterned latex swimsuit by ROEL ROSAL (to order at 09053619263); Sunglasses by LOUIS VUITTON; Piled-on neon bangles by SM ACCESSORIES; Yellow wooden wedges by STEVE MADDEN (Greenbelt 5).
TALL ORDER. Red and white striped column dress by AZUCAR by Arlene Sipat (Greenbelt 5); Circle-patterned scarf used as bandana by SINEQUANONE (Greenbelt 5); Blue beaded double-strand necklace by FURLA (Greenbelt 5); Blue square bangle and blue studded acrylic arm cuff, both by FIRMA (Greenbelt 5); Brown wooden clogs by PARISIAN (SM Department Store).

SHIP AHOY! Printed kaftan and yellow bikini, both by AZUCAR by Arlene Sipat (Greenbelt 5); Brown braided belt used as headband by PROMOD (Greenbelt 5); Beaded loop earrings, assorted bangles, all by SM ACCESSORIES; Yellow wooden wedges by STEVE MADDEN (Greenbelt 5).

IN COMMAND. Floral-printed satin top and floral hot pants, both by MASSIMO DUTTI (Greenbelt 5); White strapless swimsuit by TOPSHOP (Greenbelt 3); Sunglasses, floral shawl used as waist belt and rose flower hairpin, all by PROMOD (Greenbelt 5); Gold and red square elastic bracelet by FIRMA (Greenbelt 3); Leather belt by SINEQUANONE (Greenbelt 5); Red jelly bangle and yellow croc bag, both by FURLA (Greenbelt 5).

HAT HOTTAH! White sheer tunic top and brown suede shorts, both by TOPSHOP (Greenbelt 3); Bikini top and chain necklace with blue square pendant, both by MARC by MARC JACOBS (Greenbelt 5); Straw oversized hat by SM ACCESSORIES; Olive green loop earrings by FIRMA (Greenbelt 3).

COME WITH ME. Paisley-printed maxi-dress by AZUCAR by Arlene Sipat (Greenbelt 5); Assorted colored bangles, all by SM ACCESSORIES; Platforms by STEVE MADDEN (Greenbelt 5).

ART DIRECTION: Tatum Ancheta
STYLING: Mike de Guzman and George Palmiano (MGP)
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Cherry Pacheco (Paul & Joe)
MODEL: Sam Pinto
Shot on location at Peninsula de Punta Fuego Yacht Club

Sunday, April 24, 2011


As a country predominantly Christian both in values and faith, nothing can be more fasyon than remembering the passion of Christ this Lenten season.

We, Pinoys, have gone accustomed to Holy Week traditions such as the senakulo, the pabasa, a multitude of processions, the Visita Iglesia, to name a few. Personally, I feel incomplete without having to visit at least 7 churches that had special meaning to me, or I found I needed to go and see to enrich myself spiritually or culturally.

GORGEOUS SUNSET. I took this photo while at Subic with my family. Holy Week is more than a vacation - it is also a time to reflect, find inner peace, and thank God for natural wonders such as this breathtaking sunset along Subic Bay. Isn't life beautiful?

MAUNDY THURSDAY. After having dinner, we went to a nearby chapel along Dewey Ave. that looked more like Simbang Gabi than Semana Santa. I could remember my uncle, who served in the US Navy before, bringing us here during our holiday stay, as well as those days when the Americans played gods - it was so much better then!

VIA CRUCIS. It was nice to see young ones join their adult counterparts in doing the Stations of the Cross.

TRUE RELIGION. Please say a little prayer for us, mom!

DIVINE INTERVENTION. A carosa carrying Jesus Christ awaited the devotees outside the church.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Candles blazed in the dark of the night - giving us hope and renewed spirituality.

CARRY YOUR CROSS. No loads are too heavy as long as you have faith in Him.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS. We give flowers to those we love - and to those we honor.

GUARDIAN ANGEL. Back in Manila, an angel welcomed me at St. Anthony's Parish. This carved figure has been there since I was in Prep school - a magnificent piece of religious art!

HOLIER THAN THOU. Even if it's kinda dirty, as a Catholic, I must dip my hand on that bowl of Holy Water before entering the church.

PASCHAL MYSTERY. Priests line up in the dark at Manila Cathedral during Black Saturday.

LA PIETA. This is one of the monumental artworks inside Manila Cathedral that continues to amaze me everytime I visit.

BASILICA. The Manila Cathedral's magnificent facade (during night) is always inspiring.
LOST ART. I don't hate street art - but in Intramuros? Saw this wall while walking my way from the Cathedral to San Agustin Church.
SAVE THE YOUTH. I saw this young boy upon entry to San Agustin Church, and I thought he was real.

INRI. Of all the blessings we have received, we must also remember the pain and suffering that Jesus went thru while dying on the cross.

ON HOLY GROUND. The tombstones on the wall almost gave me the creep!

ALTAR BOUND. This grandiose altar of San Agustin is one the reasons why this church has been a long time favorite. Notice the elaborate details - don't you want to walk down this aisle someday?

LIGHT MY FIRE. I am not sure what these things are - I saw other churches having the same. Maybe they'll light this during the Salubong.

ALLELUJAH! The Lord is risen! Peace be to all! Happy Easter everyone!