Sunday, July 18, 2010


Folks, please tell me what were these girls thinking? WOWOWEE's female hosts RR ENRIQUEZ and newcomer JED MONTERO must have had mistaken a noontime show as extension of their household. We would often perceive celebrities to look their best on TV, but it seemed like these two have their own definition of "effortless style". 

Screen shots of RR & Jed with their pambahay look: July 5, 2010

Appearing on and hosting a national TV show suddenly mean looking like this - you know, tank top + shorts = nautusan ng nanay na bumili ng suka sa tindahan. Very pambahay glamour lang!

Or it could be that both RR and Jed were stuck to summer beach fashion, trying to flaunt their sexy wares in a season full of rain.

They must still be thinking of beachcombing with these attires - July 6, 2010

Now I feel sorry for Mariel Rodriguez, Carmen Soo and even Pokwang, who all together put their best efforts to wear something nice, creative and stylishly different everyday. I wonder if these two starlets ever feel ashamed of what they're wearing when hosting with them. Please let a veki come in and provide them real clothes. I mean, real nice clothes!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes dear, the vekis have done it! ABSCBN primetime has become too gay with two of its soap operas – MAGKARIBAL and RUBI. Both shows emulate the fashion industry – the beautiful and ugly sides of it. Must be the flourishing homosexual writers. Or directors. Or the influx of fashion stylists. Whatever influenced Channel 2, we are all treated to a cheesier version of fashion drama – the young, the bold, the beautiful, and put them all together, the bitch!

I seldom watch TV lately though, but I noticed both shows revolve their stories around fashion with cheap faux fashion shows and cheap-looking models in some of the scenes. MAGKARIBAL, which dubs itself as the first fashion-novela in the Philippines, is a major source for sharp, tangy one-liners and devil-may-care bitchiness. With Gretchen Barretto in one of the lead characters (as the vengeful Victoria), what else do we expect from the fashion diva? La Greta’s showmanship of Birkins, LVs and Hermes alone, we just know that true beauty has finally arrived!

(Photo from

On the other corner, RUBI has its own fashion moments. Angelica Panganiban delivers very well as the vida-contravida who pits herself against Shaina Magdayao’s retail brand incongruously called Sylvana’s (isn’t that a kind of sweet or pastry? Hahaha!). Of course, we always see the signature red outfits on Rubi matched with equally bright red lips... Plus the agawan blues and tons and tons of bitchiness delivered with much gay candour! It seems endless!

Incidentally, the two divas of primetime bitchiness appear on the covers of two battling fashion magazines. Gretchen makes a refreshing comeback on Preview, while Angelica looks angelic on Metro. Now, this is what I call effortless glamour! With white, clean backgrounds and subtle makeups, both look loveable and flawlessly ethereal.

Whoever you think has the better cover, aba malay ko sa ‘yo! Bitch!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


At the mention of the word crease as a major wardrobe woe, a question comes to mind: To tuck or not to tuck?

Professional women often get petrified with the sight of every unlikely fold on their garment, especially towards the second half of their usual 8-hour daily work routine. Looking neat, clean and polished ‘round the clock is a common sense requirement – with or without guests/clients to cater to.

ENSEMBLES, a popular local brand for Pinay career women launches a variety of bodysuits that work well with high-waist pencil skirts or flat-front pants. These are classic, well-fitted shirt styled tops with an extended bottom that’s cut like a one-piece swimsuit. Just tuck in and snap at the crotch, put on your bottom and you’re off to dazzle at work!

For this series, ENSEMBLES features bodysuits in woven stretch poplin or knits with dramatic collar treatments. Wear these with a jacket or vest during power meetings to impress your bosses or snatching a deal. With bodysuits, say goodbye to messy tuck-ins and crumpled look at the end of the day as you remain looking neat and refined up to the time you hit the bars for a night out.


  This crisp white formal dress shirt will look good on androgynous slim pants with blazer.

  Look soft and feminine in this draped surplice number.

Be in total command by donning a military-inspired top.

Get date-ready in an alluring ruffled bodysuit that's perfect with a pencil skirt.
Impress a client in this white top that will look sharper with high-waisted pair of trousers.

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