Sunday, November 14, 2010


What's exciting about fashion, apart from cutting-edge designs and upcoming trends, is the kind of statement that most brands or designers do. These are cheeky statements that separate the genious from the ordinary, echoing relevant and important messages that tackle socio-cultural awareness, political and even religious matters, and earth issues that involve  humanity as a whole. 

This Fall/Winter 2010, MARITHÉ + FRANCOIS GIRBAUD celebrates the freedom of movement and expression. It defends the right to be different, in culture, look and attitude.

The global brand expresses its concern to save the earth by being ecologically correct and aesthetically unusual with its WATTWASH™ collection. WATTWASH™ aspires to save the most essential resource to mankind: water. It uses laser to create a multitude of worn-out looks, patterns and textures to the garment, saving 97.5% of water usually used when bleaching and acid-washing jeans.

For this season, the men’s collection is drawn from the maritime and navy ensemble mixed with the edge of a city worker. Jackets show much masculinity through its well structured cuts and stitches. The jeans allow free movement and elude a more charming casual wear. Shades of ash and dark blue make the collection pieces versatile, a ready mix for work and play.

Stashaway Jacket (WATTWASH)
The STASHAWAY jacket gives the notion that even men can look chic. This cut and sew denim jacket is part of the WATTWASH collection that’s all about saving water and the environment. It has a maritime character represented by the flap on the chest area and buttoned pockets on the side.

Nolag Fly
The NOLAG FLY pants are set apart by comfort and style, with its stretch fabric and seamless leg panel for easy body movement. This X pocket jean has a button opening with stitching that gives the illusion of lacing at the front portion. Wear it with a suit jacket and laced shoes for that sleek city look.

Scarface Jacket (WATTWASH)
Suit up with the SCARFACE ash denim jacket and go for a more European appeal with its single chest pocket and detailed stitching. The button down jacket has glen plaid patterns made possible by the environmental-friendly laser treatment known as WATTWASH giving it that unique ecological etch.

X Edge Pants (WATTWASH)
This straight cut denim epitomizes the perfect jeans for men. The X EDGE jean has a sacrum cut that eases the way jeans are worn. This low-waist denim has a versatile wash that fits any given occasion. Support the WATTWASH collection with the X EDGE denims for men.

A more playful and experimental side is seen in the women’s collection as laces, ribbons and ties quirk up the outfit allowing different shapes and personalities in the garments. The dresses express elegance in relaxed silhouettes, changing lengths and figures personalized for the woman who wears it. The jackets have androgynous character but still embrace the body in perfect fashion. Intensely subtle tones of night skies with touches of bright colors make this collection pleasurably fit, following the whims of ones body and mood.

Farfaldos Dress
Only the FARFALDOS dress can pull out graceful and chic with a twist of street. This haltered dress has strings on the chest to create a sheering effect, forming drapes at the front. The adjustable string at the bottom of the dress offers a variety of style, from layered effects to a short balloon dress. The metallic colors don’t over power but flatter the skin to give off an elegant look. Wear it on a night out with friends or on formal occasions, you can never go wrong with this dress.

Laced Cadet
Feel the military vibe of the LACE CADET pants as the lacings on the side seam adjust its tightness pants together with the button opening at the bottom. This army enthused apparel is strategically cut on the knee part for more relaxed movement and comfort.

Pedal Gear Pants (WATTWASH)
Go for a more laid back look with the PEDAL GEAR denims. These basic Capri pants are treated with laser for more uniquely washed patterns. Wear them with pride and join the advocacy in saving water with the WATTWASH Collection.

Sporter Craft Jacket
The SPORTER CRAFT jacket is a classy military inspired cover up with its navy blue hue and two side zipper pockets. This overlapping silver-buttoned jacket is made for city slickers. Layer it on a long-sleeved polo paired with flare pants for that corporate-casual attire.

Srevnoc Dress
The SREVNOC dress isn’t your ordinary jumper dress. Its cut and shape gives a woman a flattering silhouette. This makes a great afternoon dress when paired with sandals and a sun hat. Match it with high boots for a night out and make use of the dual zipper opening at the front of the dress for a more playful twist to the outfit.

Groove Jacket (WATTWASH)
The perfect street wear can be defined with the GROOVE jacket. The classic denim jacket is a staple must have, especially for this fall season. Its waistband jacket and two pockets with a tax is used to emphasize the woman’s curve, showing femininity through rugged-casual wear.

To view Marithé + François Girbaud’s expressive collection and to learn more about WATTWASH™, visit a store near you or go to

Saturday, November 13, 2010

FACE OFF: Memo Vs. Parisian Ad Campaigns

No contraversy intended here. But I noticed a strong resemblance between these two ads from MEMO and PARISIAN by SM:

The layouts are quite similar with both brands using four female foreign models (Memo has two or three of the same models as Parisian's). All models are also wearing black dresses with high heels - side by side, legs vs. legs. Obviously though, the Parisian ad for the latest Philippine Fashion Week was done more tastefully both in photography, lighting, styling and attitude, while Memo's ad look more like ahmmmm... a catalogue. To borrow Andre Leon Talley's famous line for ANTM, Memo's ad was a "dreckitudeeee!"

Kudos to Parisian for bringing more edge to their ad campaigns!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NOVEMBER COVER OF THE MONTH: Cherie Gil Goes Daring for Mega Magazine

And so you want fierce huh...

Our favorite contravida of all time, CHERIE GIL, shows 'em who's the boss on the cover of MEGA Magazine's November 2010 issue. Ultimately sexy, and partly bitchy in vintage denim and Western-inspired outfit, Cherie is no second-rate, trying hard copycattttt!

Photography: Xander Angeles
Styling: Jenni Epperson & Teej Nepomuceno
Makeup: Jigs Mayuga
Hair: Buern Rodriguez

For this shoot, the actress gets tough in workwear boots, leather and ripped jeans while clinging on ropes and hay, exposing her navel and her still-gorgeous physique amidst thoroughbreds. I have soft spot on horses, and pictorials like this one automatically spark my interest! And by the way, Jenni Epperson (of Philippine Daily Inquirer) gets to be the guest editor for this issue.

I admit to being an ultimate fan of this on-screen villainess - but in real life she's very nice, confident, loveable and easy to work with. And she remembers me even after we did a project many years ago! Bravo Cherie Gil!