Monday, October 31, 2011


It's Halloween night - these are the ones that made you scream at the top of your lungs inside the dark moviehouse. They made your heart throb in fear in every scene. They gave you chills at night and - worse - haunted you even in your slumber. Equip yourselves with your Rosaries, the Holy Bible, a bottle of Holy Water, a crucifix and yes, some cloves of garlic. If you love scary movies, relive some of Philippine cinema's most beautiful, most fasyon actresses in recent times who portrayed the most iconic, most horriying, spooky characters.

And oh, please don't put off the lights when you get to watch their movies tonight!

Being one of local showbiz's most regarded and most beautiful, it's amazing how a movie goddess like Dawn Zulueta could transform into a vengeful, haunting spirit. In this Chito Rono classic remake (with Susan Roces starring on the original film), she played Ruth, the spoiled sister of Barbara (Lorna Tolentino), who committed suicide and haunted the household through a doll to extract revenge on everyone who wronged her. Still, with all the scary antics and thick makeup on her face, both weren’t enough to conceal her astonishing beauty.

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Nothing can be more fashionable and scary at the same time than a lady ghost in billowy antique-d white couture, and Angelica Panganiban fitted the role perfectly with her long, straight hair and pale white skin. Very natural (if not supernatural). Released in 2006 by Regal Films, White Lady wasn't much of a spookfest, but Angelica still managed to frighten everybody off their seats who saw this movie directed by Jeff Tan.

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In the 90's, Diamond Star Maricel Soriano played the role of a bloodsucker (Paz) who married a mortal man (Christopher de Leon) in a movie that actually pre-dated the vampire-human love story that made the Twilight series a worldwide phenomenon. With fangs that could bite deep, and bangs I'm not so eager about, Maricel definitely knew how to make a kill.

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Lovi Poe topbills Regal Films' new Halloween offering with the horror remake of the hit “Aswang” in 1994 that starred Alma Moreno. Although the movie has yet to be released (on Nov. 2, 2011), Lovi Poe looks so damned hot and so freaking sexy - I think guys would surely die to have them bitten by her. Equally, Alma Moreno being a sex goddess herself in her younger years, was exquisitely gorgeous that it would be impossible to think of her as an aswang targetting humans for her saucy version of dinuguan. 

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Iza Calzado's portrayal of a battered and murdered wife turned ghost earned her a Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actress in 2005, with the bonus of acting the same role in the Hollywood version, "The Echo". With barely any makeup (except from some blood poured on her head to make her look bloody dead in one of the scenes), Iza was able to illustrate a pretty convincing creepy acting with misery, anguish and despair in both Sigaw and The Echo, that men wouldn't mind being haunted by her at all.

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Irma Alegre's role as a manananggal in the original Shake, Rattle & Roll (by Peque Gallaga) in 1984 raised the bar for all Pinoy folkloric horrifying characters. Despite having oversized bat wings and being half-bodied, it was Irma's brown skin and Pinay features that made her all the more beautiful and scary at the same time. On the other hand, Julie Vega (RIP) cannot be discounted, she was extremely memorable in her last film as the Pinay version of Linda Blaire (of The Exorcist) in Lovingly Yours, Helen.

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Friday, October 28, 2011


Not because we were the stylists for this segment, but those who have seen the show would affirm that the PARISIAN portion stole the limelight from SM Ladies Wear (which was supposedly the main fashion attraction of the department store) during the Philippine Fashion Week held last October 25, 2011.

THE BIG REVEAL. A tableau of models wearing Parisian shoes during the show's finale.

Although Geo and I have done several ad campaign shoots for PARISIAN, it was our first knack at styling for their PFW show that featured a very strong, cohesive runway statement with all-white ensembles that gave rise and more focus on their latest assortment of fabulous and note-worthy shoes and bags.

During the event, it felt like the models were walking in the romantic halls of Paris, looking uber chic while sashaying on their heels and bags - a signal to all that the shoe brand continues to level up in terms of taste, fashion and even showmanship. There were three footwear collections that PARISIAN showcased during the show: royal opulence (elegant evening heels in rich velvet with sequined details), wool-worthy (boots) and colored shoes with hints of metallics.

Personally, I love the collection that featured knee-high and ankle boots while the models wore sheer tops over fur vests - very high profile, very Parisienne! My partner George Palmiano, by essence of the word, really poured his heart and soul in this collection, even cutting the fur vests by his own hands.

By the way, we'd like to thank Roland Rense Alzate and Tito Noel Crisostomo for helping us out in producing the clothes used in the runway. Our gratitude also goes to Ms. Rina Lacia-Bugayong and the whole LTBG team for giving us the creative hand in putting up the looks for the show. Of course, we would have not done these all without the help of our styling assistants - especially Sheila Danipog, Grace Boyles & Ate Rosie.

Hope you also like the whole presentation, as much as MGP does. Check out PARISIAN in all SM Department Stores now!

SHOE MANIA. Shoes in various forms and styles lineup at the backstage before the show.

BOOTS WITH THE FUR. The black boots with shearling detail is my top favorite.

HIGH GLOSS. Patent satchels pop in different candy colors.

STYLIST IN ACTION. My partner Geo Palmiano in haggard mode, pre-show.

BACKSTAGE CHAOS. Models being prepped by the Patrick Rosas team.

GORGEOUSNESS. Jasmine Maierhoffer and Fatima Rabago, both Parisian print ad models, in playful mode.

WHITE ATTACK. Here they come, the beautiful ones - of course, in Parisian shoes.

FULL REGALLA. Top models Michelle Panemanglor, Jasmine Maierhoffer & Ria Bolivar don the royal opulence collection.

FURRIFIC! Melissa Frye, Alisa & Claire (of ANTM fame) strut while wearing the wool-worthy collection.

WALK TALL. Models Monica, Giselle & Glennys sizzle in colored shoes with hints of metallics.

BAGS GALORE. Satchels, envelope clutches and handbags also rule the runway.

MASSIVE APPROACH. Models do their final walk en masse - looks so international!

MODEL CHECK. A tired Anna Lloren-Reyes (of Direk Ariel Lozada's team) is still beaming with a smile.

A SHOULDER TO CLING ON. Makeup guru Patrick Rosas with model Nadine.

BLACK MAMBA. Backstage moment with designer Tonichi Nocom.

WITH A SMILE. A happy, stunning Ms. Felanie Lee Lim, head of merchandising for SM Ladies Shoes.

SCENE STEALERS. Ms. Nao'mi Matsuda Monson (right) of SM Ladies Shoes Merchandising Team with some fierce, fashionable, furry friends.

TEAM PREVIEW. Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco-Juan and Fashion editor Daryl Chang with Pia Abad of SM Ladies Fashion, while Andre Chang also gets caught in the frame.

IT'S IN THE BLOOD. May Flores, Head of IM Models with Supermodel of the World/niece Danica Magpantay in ferosh moment.

DENIM MADNESS. Priscilla Po, model Cianne, hottie Awi and Clyde all from IM Models.

FRIENDS FOR LIFE. Geo gets loving support from college friends - Aubrey, Raquel, Sim, Rueth & Rica.

TEAM MFMC SPOTTED! VP for SM Men's Fashion Jeff Lo with managers Yeng Ardiente and Sil Bayle.

JUBILATION. Geo and I pose with the wonderful Adfolio team (L-R: Anna May, Madz, Mitz, Joyce, Lora Gabuna-Antenor & Ness)

PARISIAN MOMENT. To Rina Lacia-Bugayong, LTBG's Marketing Head, super thank you!

THE MGP BACKSTAGE TEAM. Thanks also to our dependable team of styling assistants - good job girls!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Butterflies are already filling my stomach as I write this blog entry. Super excited indeed to the highest level! Tonight, my partner George Palmiano & I (MGP Team) will be styling for the Boys Teens Wear segment of the first, big solo show of SM MEN'S FASHION at the SMX Convention Center, Hall 2 at 7:30 PM - and can't wait anymore, as they say, to kick some ass!

By the way, I'd like to thank those who joined the promo I launched recently, congrats to Ryan Machado, Alvin Claveria, Jenny Mabitazan, Tedd Mabitazan, Joshua Booc, Alaine Salamoding, Ronald Ramiro, Joel Herminio, Reinhel Sicat, Patrick Terrado, Paolo Co, Joseph Bersalona, Patricia Co, Rigel de Guzman (kamag-anak ba kita?), Meryl Rovillos, Patricia Aro, and Michi Camana. All of which are getting free invites - and please do tag a friend or somebody along (para mas enjoy di ba?).

To give you all an idea of what we will showcase later - in terms of looks & fashion - please allow me to share this pictorial we've done for the latest style manual of SM MEN'S FASHION that highlights different trends for the fall/winter. Entitled CRIMINAL MINDS, this is SM's conceptual and offbeat interpretation of the different men that lurk in sinister shadows, but with awesome, fashionable taste. For more information, also check out Mader Luis Espiritu's blog entry:

To our formidable team: Mader Ayen Florendo & co., Geo Palmiano & the whole MGP team, Luis Espiritu & his style associates, Bobby Carlos & his team, tonight's gonna be a good night don't you think?! :-)

Photography: Frank Hoefsmit
Concept: Tatum Ancheta
Styling for Menswear: Luis Espiritu
Associate Styling: Donna Gonzales-Lim, Mikka Velasquez & Rudoplh Leonor
Styling for Boys Teens: Mike de Guzman & George Palmiano (MGP)
Assisted by: Sheila Marie Danipog
Makeup: Bobby Carlos (Max Factor)
Hair: Jaime Sy
Models (for Menswear): Hideo (Mercator), Benjamin (Reco) & Pedro M. (IM Models)
Models (for Boys Teens): Robson (IM Models) & Rodrigo (Mercator)