Saturday, November 13, 2010

FACE OFF: Memo Vs. Parisian Ad Campaigns

No contraversy intended here. But I noticed a strong resemblance between these two ads from MEMO and PARISIAN by SM:

The layouts are quite similar with both brands using four female foreign models (Memo has two or three of the same models as Parisian's). All models are also wearing black dresses with high heels - side by side, legs vs. legs. Obviously though, the Parisian ad for the latest Philippine Fashion Week was done more tastefully both in photography, lighting, styling and attitude, while Memo's ad look more like ahmmmm... a catalogue. To borrow Andre Leon Talley's famous line for ANTM, Memo's ad was a "dreckitudeeee!"

Kudos to Parisian for bringing more edge to their ad campaigns!


  1. parisian reminds me of prada ad by meisel... inspired perhaps?

  2. hey henry! i am not sure about that, though it is quite similar nga to prada.