Thursday, December 9, 2010


We know it's coming - or haven't you felt it?

In a season of silver bells, jingle bells, tinkerbells and all other bells, Holiday 2010 seems lackluster. Hard times obviously took its toll as most people have no budgey to put a helluvah show. Not much lanterns on the streets... Less spectacular twinkling light displays... The Christmas trees and other decors are no longer selling... Who took away the stardust... my glamorous, bongga Yuletide spirit?

Nevertheless, there's no stopping to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year! As I went around Metro Manila, these familiar places put the groove back to my bewildered Christmas moment - and it seems like becoming a child all over again!

What a bright time, it's the right time... - We all know it's a yearly thing, but Ayala Ave. never fails to impress! This time, the color theme is white and gold - very sushal! Steady white rice bulbs covers the shrubs along the road with hanging cylindrical rods that animate with moving lights that seem to drip downward. Commuters, passersby, drivers and everybody on the go are hooked - nevermind the horrendous traffic in Makati!

Oh Christmas Tree! - A striking pink-lighted tree (that looks like cherry blossoms in winter) and snowy, butterfly-winged ballerina figures welcome shoppers upon entry at Greenbelt mall. If only I could take those home!

Best in show - Pure class! Rustan's Makati is such an attraction with its vivid Cirque-themed Christmas window display. Every window was well-thought of! Pang-rich talaga!

Carnival feat - Another wow window by Rustan's Makati. Carousel + reindeers + gifts = I wanna ride the sleigh with Santa Claus tonight!

Again and again! - I went to Makati the following day and can't get enought of taking pictures! Anuvah!!!

Toys R Us - Greenhills Shopping Center cannot be ignored with their North-Pole-kind-of-toy-factory-in-Santa-land concept. Too bad I didn't get to see it at night when I am sure it looks more candy-spectacular.

Up and Away - Dreams are surely made of these... If we all can fly and dance in the sky... at least in Trinoma's dreamland...

These are surely austere times. But every corner, every sign tell that Christmas is almost here! So long as family and loved ones are there, and dear friends to celebrate with (in my case, so long as there is ham and queso de bola on noche buena, hehehe), let's all be merry and thankful, and hope that next year will be better. So smile Pinoy, kahit bungi

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