Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ROW YOUR BOAT: Plains & Prints S/S 2012 Ad Campaign

I'd been sick for how many days due to stress, and it's a good feeling to finally get back to one of the things I enjoy doing - blogging about fashion (obviously).

Last week, I was too sick that I asked my brother to drive for me to attend a client meeting. On our way home, I had a glimpse of the cool-blue billboard ad of PLAINS & PRINTS along Guadalupe-EDSA, and told myself, wow!

Then I came across the actual image of the said ad campaign somewhere in the internet with a better view, I told myself, parang may kulang... it's so bitin without the water! It could have been more fantasy-like and captivating if the paper boat floats on a serene, sparkling blue sea water. Anyways, this is just but an opinion.

For Spring/Summer 2012, the said clothing brand collaborates with famed designer RHETT EALA. Inspired by the breathtaking beaches and stunning sunsets of world-renowned Santorini in Greece, the new collection features pieces that are fresh, relaxed and laidback with some pretty French resort flair. With the use of soft fabrics combined with the colors that mimic the sea and sunset (one of major trends this summer) and dainty interplay of prints, the Santorini collection would definitely have you wanting to hit the beach now.

For more details about the collection, check out www.plainsandprints.com.

Note: Photos from FB account of P&P

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