Monday, July 9, 2012


Ohemgee, I think I had been quite detached lately - of all places I'll find our styling work for Chalk Magazine, it wasn't in the magazine itself but somewhere in the internet!

On Slater: Striped knit top & shoes both by MUNDO at The Ramp, Crossings; Slim blue trousers & white dress shirt with printed collar, both by JINGGO INONCILLO (09175251990).

I had been looking forward to seeing this pictorial we did with SLATER YOUNG. Too bad, it came out last June and I was caught unaware of it. Maybe I'll call the ever-lovable Toff de Venecia (Lifestyle Editor of Chalk) for a copy. Can't miss out on having a memorabilia with a cutie like Slater!

In a pictorial that features two Siberian Huskies (I love dogs!), Chalk sees Slater as a pack leader. As you know, the Pinoy Big Brother grand winner is fast gaining a tumultuous fan base. Aside from the fact that he's cute and styled clean, Slater is very nice and cheery, ever smiling like a cuddlesome boy. Although I think he has grown thinner after bagging the PBB title (perhaps due to stress inside Kuya's house?), I do hope Slater becomes successful in his entry to local showbiz.

Slater Young with the whole creative team

The PBB grand winner with our styling assistant Sheila Marie Danipog

Sorry for the blurred pic, it's me with Slater - both in stripes!

Although it's no longer meaningful to tell you all to grab a copy of Chalk featuring Slater, I simply want to share this unforgettable experience. Thanks particularly Christopher de Venecia, we look forward to our 3rd styling job for Chalk!

Photography: Joseph Pascual
Styling: Mike de Guzman (MGP)
Assisted by: Sheila Marie Danipog
Grooming: Joyce Platon & Roy Cervantes

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