Thursday, June 17, 2010


OK the moment has gone away, but the memories of the recent Philippine Fashion Week are still fresh in my memory. I can still recall how die-hard style bitches fashioned their way to attend the series of events – mostly perky gays and some bisexuals kuno, young and old, wearing statements of their own.

Imagine if terrorists attacked and bombed the whole SMX Convention Center, half of the entire homosexual population in Metro Manila would certainly die. And all that would be left will be the parlor gays to dominate this industry... It’s gonna be like the scary end of glamour, the Armageddon of local fashion!

It also seemed that this year’s Fashion Week had been cut short of a day (6 days instead of 7). Lack of participants? Lack of government support? Lack of sponsors? Lack of funds? Dirty politics? Designers opting to do other big shows instead? No Project Runway Philippines? Hmmmm… intriguing!

Nevertheless, the recent Fashion Week did not fall short of showcasing good designs (despite of gradually losing its holistic appeal). I feel bad though, PFW failed (at a certain point) to attract a number of significant supporters for most of its shows had empty chairs, especially for those designers scheduled in the afternoon (who, in their right minds, would attend a fashion show during the time that the sun is at its hottest while stylishly clad in a cheeky getup?). Save for the likes of Michael Cinco, Tina Daniac and Bang Pineda, these big shows (with nice concepts and stage gimmickries) drew a humungous crowd of eager badings and other fanatics.

Seeing through the collections of different designers, BLACK is the obvious choice of color for fall/holiday of 2010. There are other palettes and trends present, but I will only dwell on the tried and tested magic of black. Take a peek on how the designers used the color as a major fashion backbone for the upcoming season:

1) Short and Sexy (The new LBDs)

        Raoul Ramirez                      Roland Lirio                       Tina Daniac                        Lyle Ibanez                     Ronaldo Arnaldo
2) Drama in Lace
           Jaz Cerezo                  Anna Leah Salvador          Jerome Salaya Ang               Patrick Galang                       Chris Diaz
3) Black and White Affair
         Junjun Cambe                Norman Noriega                      Chris Diaz                      Ronaldo Arnaldo                    Dimple Lim
4) One-Shoulder Delight
          Aztec Barba                   Catherine Cavilte               Boying Eustaquio                    Kat Corpuz                          Roel Rosal
5) Sheer Appeal
          Julius Tarog                      John Paras                     Junjun Cambe                       Chris Diaz                    Anna Leah Salvador
6) Draped Indulgence
      Norman Noriega                     Kat Corpuz                         Lyle Ibanez                       Santi Obcena                       John Paras
7) Lingerie Sophistication
    Anna Leah Salvador                 Jaz Cerezo                      Angelo Estera                    Patrick Galang                   Tina Daniac
8) Minimalism
       Martin Bautista                Ronaldo Arnaldo                 Veejay Floresca                       Roel Rosal                  Norman Noriega
9) Body Conscious
      Odelon Simpao                    Julius Tarog                        Tina Daniac                         Jaz Cerezo                   Shannon Pamaong
10) Power Sleeves
          Roland Lirio                     Patrick Galang                Catherine Cavilte             Frederick Policarpio            Junjun Cambe
I also have personal favorites and some things to give recognition. If I may, the awards go to the following:
a. Top 5 Outstanding Pieces
       1) Kermit Tesoro              2) Michael Cinco                     3) Jan Garcia                   4) John Herrera                 5) Enrico Carado
b. Runway Queens

              Ria Bolivar               Jasmine Maierhoffer
c. Comeback Queen

                    Marina Benipayo
d. Miss Photogenic

                                             Michelle Panemanglor
e) Fierce Award

                  (Too bad, I don't know her name)
  f. OK Ka Lang Ba Teh? Award

                                             (Anuvah?!!! Peace mga sisters!)
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  1. when i saw the Draped Indulgence, may sasabihin sana ako, pinigilan ko lang.:p

  2. i know ate lun what u wanna say... in fact nasa finale award ko cya. nakakalurkey noh! :-)