Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes dear, the vekis have done it! ABSCBN primetime has become too gay with two of its soap operas – MAGKARIBAL and RUBI. Both shows emulate the fashion industry – the beautiful and ugly sides of it. Must be the flourishing homosexual writers. Or directors. Or the influx of fashion stylists. Whatever influenced Channel 2, we are all treated to a cheesier version of fashion drama – the young, the bold, the beautiful, and put them all together, the bitch!

I seldom watch TV lately though, but I noticed both shows revolve their stories around fashion with cheap faux fashion shows and cheap-looking models in some of the scenes. MAGKARIBAL, which dubs itself as the first fashion-novela in the Philippines, is a major source for sharp, tangy one-liners and devil-may-care bitchiness. With Gretchen Barretto in one of the lead characters (as the vengeful Victoria), what else do we expect from the fashion diva? La Greta’s showmanship of Birkins, LVs and Hermes alone, we just know that true beauty has finally arrived!

(Photo from www.abs-cbn.com)

On the other corner, RUBI has its own fashion moments. Angelica Panganiban delivers very well as the vida-contravida who pits herself against Shaina Magdayao’s retail brand incongruously called Sylvana’s (isn’t that a kind of sweet or pastry? Hahaha!). Of course, we always see the signature red outfits on Rubi matched with equally bright red lips... Plus the agawan blues and tons and tons of bitchiness delivered with much gay candour! It seems endless!

Incidentally, the two divas of primetime bitchiness appear on the covers of two battling fashion magazines. Gretchen makes a refreshing comeback on Preview, while Angelica looks angelic on Metro. Now, this is what I call effortless glamour! With white, clean backgrounds and subtle makeups, both look loveable and flawlessly ethereal.

Whoever you think has the better cover, aba malay ko sa ‘yo! Bitch!


  1. Galing galing mo talaga magsulat! Idol. :)

  2. tnx alvin! glad u liked the bitchiness! lols!

  3. di bagay font nung timeless style sa preview.

  4. @anonymous: no comment! baka sabunutan ako ni tita liz! hahaha!

  5. there's something different about Gretchen's face. nagpa retoke ba s'ya? i don't watch the two shows you mentioned although they have been topics during coffee breaks at the office.:p

  6. @ate lun: i think na-over sa methathione ang la greta or baka nagpa-inject ng kung anik kaya medyo michael jackson ang beauty niya ngayon! lols!