Sunday, July 18, 2010


Folks, please tell me what were these girls thinking? WOWOWEE's female hosts RR ENRIQUEZ and newcomer JED MONTERO must have had mistaken a noontime show as extension of their household. We would often perceive celebrities to look their best on TV, but it seemed like these two have their own definition of "effortless style". 

Screen shots of RR & Jed with their pambahay look: July 5, 2010

Appearing on and hosting a national TV show suddenly mean looking like this - you know, tank top + shorts = nautusan ng nanay na bumili ng suka sa tindahan. Very pambahay glamour lang!

Or it could be that both RR and Jed were stuck to summer beach fashion, trying to flaunt their sexy wares in a season full of rain.

They must still be thinking of beachcombing with these attires - July 6, 2010

Now I feel sorry for Mariel Rodriguez, Carmen Soo and even Pokwang, who all together put their best efforts to wear something nice, creative and stylishly different everyday. I wonder if these two starlets ever feel ashamed of what they're wearing when hosting with them. Please let a veki come in and provide them real clothes. I mean, real nice clothes!


  1. hahaha mike, i completely agree.. Maybe they have not been offered a clothing sponsorship yet! hahaha obviously neither of them have a stylist! god help them.

  2. @tanya: i dunno gurl, everytime i have lunch and turn on the tv, my high blood pressure surges when i see these gurls in their pambahay outfits. requirement or not, mukha silang dukha. hahaha!