Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Let me segway internationally for a while: seeing Lady Gaga's far-fetched costume at the latest MTV Awards -- isn't is too early for Halloween?

Yes dears, I love Gaga, and I salute her triumph with 8 awards (out of 13 nominations) including music video of the year (for Bad Romance). But que horror, the queen of eccentricity went too far by donning a dress that looked like slabs of raw meat (that echoed the meat bikini she wore on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan). Talk about blood, meat, gore, death - it seemed like she went out of a slaughterhouse in a costume designed and given to her by Jason (of the famed Halloween flick) thru one of his butchered victims!

(Photo from

(Photo from

Whether you like it or not, Gaga surely knows how to shock, command attention and create news. Add to that another singer with equally offbeat fashion choice, Cher, who presented her one of the awards - hell yeah, it was one advanced and astonishing Halloween visual treat!

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So what's next for Gaga? Maybe veggies... Or probably twigs... Perhaps mud or clay... Even human hair... Whatever it will be, seeing Gaga let me avoid muna eating tocino and bacon. Kadiri!

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