Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I know, all the fireworks have gone kaboom already. The chill-to-the-bone weather and the post-holiday syndrome made me feeling lazy that it took me days to gather enough inspiration and urge to write again. Nevertheless, I deserve the rest after all the hardwork for 2010.

And what spectacular year it was! George and I are so inspeakably blessed that we don't know how to thank God for everything. It was certainly a year full of growth, achievements and success. For a duo trying to make their mark in the fashion industry, MGP is more humbly attuned to doing very good visuals, producing effective campaigns, satisfying clients and making the styling work. Although I would have love to buy my first LV now, I thank God we have projects - for at the end of the day, more to flashing expensive labels or signature brands to create sudden statement, it's the effort and output that matter most!

Thanks to all those people who have been part of this blessed year. Thanks to our clients who have trusted their brands to us. Thanks to the editors, MUAs, hairstylists, photographers we've worked with in coming up with kabugan editorials. Thanks to our friends for always being there, as well as new people who have become dear to us. Thanks Geo for having stood by me. Thanks to my family - my ultimate source of inspiration!

With the new year already here, I wish everybody good health, success, peace and prosperity (sounds like a pageant line). Seriously, hurray to 2011 and let's all pray for another fabulous year! Bawal ang mga nega-star!

Noche Buena: We'll miss Cate again!

Santa Geo and I while giving away Xmas gifts :-)

Oh my, kawawang piglet!

Our lovely Xmas tree! (Photo courtesy of Ryan Mach)

New Year's Eve: My beloved family together with Steffi (Golden Retriever) and our newest addition, Vivienne (Toy Poodle)

My sister Bea and her torotot!

Me and my tiny lucis!

Sabugan na!

My pamangkin Kenneth makes his presence heard (photo courtesy of Ryan Mach)

My mom signals prosperity in bright red on a bed of hundred peso bills

Prosperity candles - someone took away the purple one. Grrrrr!!! (photo from Ryan Mach)

A kiat-kiat lies on the floor for wealth and abundance (photo from Ryan Mach)

One of the many reasons for being overweight! (photo from Ryan Mach)

Jump for joy: My Tita Lyn, Bea and Kenneth

A reason to celebrate: Jan. 1 reunion @ Cavite

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