Saturday, January 8, 2011


A different kind of scent-sation still lingers in the air this chilly, post-holiday season!

How bungga (to borrow from Monday Mag's editor Sir Ric Gindap) it is to see celebrity goddesses on high, looking heaven-sent to endorsing scents as depicted in big billboards across the buzzling EDSA. Enough of Joel Cruz parading himself for his brand Aficionado - self-love and self-image doesn't seem to be the right resolution for 2011, especially if you don't possess that heavenly kind of charm and ethereal beauty!

I am always delighted everytime I pass by ANNE CURTIS' oozing ad campaign for FOLDED&HUNG Fragrances. Dubbed as PARTYPHILE Eau de Toilette, Anne screams sexy hotness in a slinky faux animal skin bustier dress, and seemingly ready to party while smelling good from dusk till dawn. Now I feel like I wanna dance!

(Photo from f&h multiply account)

On the other hand, I was surprised to see iconic GRETCHEN BARRETTO crossing over to HERBENCH for her own line of perfume, GRETA Eau de Toilette. Goddess in a bottle, as they call it, is a mildly elegant approach to fragrances. But knowing Gretchen's penchant for the expensive, I wonder if she ever uses this. Nevertheless, her beautiful face and intriguing persona make GRETA pretty interesting.

(Photo from

Last December while shopping for gifts at Trinoma Mall, Geo and I were witnesses to HAYDEN KHO being back with a vengeance, rather fragrance. Surprisingly, eager fans, despite of the scandals he've been through, circled around his booth for fragrance test, and of course some photo ops.

The last picture is the billboard material I saw along EDSA. The fragrance was designed and concocted daw by Hayden himself while in Paris, therefore the HAYDEN PARIS tagline. I wonder how Parisiennes would react to such ambitious, oftentimes feign brand name. Even more, would the the scent be fragrant enough for the public to simply forgive and forget? Let's stand by for a moment and wait for Katrina Halili to dare test this cologne product by a man struggling hard to score a second chance!

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  1. i actually dropped by Hayden's counter at Mega two nights ago to check out the scents. i even asked the clerk if there's a scent named "Vicky". wala daw.:p