Saturday, February 12, 2011


Wow, we're seeing more and more designer collaborations recently!

Although Geo and I weren't able to attend the launch, we congratulate LOUIS CLAPAROLS who intensifies his talent, vision, passion and creativity even further from haute couture design and now to cake revelry. After his successful Ensembles stint, Louis teams up anew -  this time with Hyatt Pastry Chef Johann Dreisger to come up with a sweet concoction that he calls the KALEIDOSCOPE CAKE.

Cake Couture: The Kaleidoscope Cake looks like a charming (graphic) version of Pandora's box with mouthful flavors waiting to tickle everyone's sweet tongue when they take a bite.

All boxed up. Claparols is known for his inclination for graphic patterns that he use for his couture creations... even on this cake.

Give love. Louis presents his fabulous cake (in this image screen shot from the video wall) - perfect for giving out to loved ones this coming Valentine's day!

Unbreakable. No one beats this fashionable tandem! Makeup artist Bobby Carlos gives Louis a loving tap on his shoulder for a job well done.

The Kaleidoscope Cake will be available at the Hyatt Pastry shop from February to April 2011, and for every cake sold, a percentage of sales will go to PAWS (the Phil Animal Welfare Association).

NOTE: All pictures used here came from Louis Claparols FB account.


  1. thanks mikee

    -bobby carlos

  2. Hi Mikee! Can't wait to try that! But will hesitate to take a bite since it looks too pretty, I'll enjoy just staring at it first. Tapos lamon na! :)

  3. @yayey: go and buy d cake na... perfect for V-day! pandagdag calories. hehehe! we miss you na gurl!