Saturday, February 5, 2011


Kung Hei Fat Choi!

That's quite late for a greeting, but nevertheless not too outdated (yet) to come up with an article at all. This lunar cycle marks the Year of the Rabbit, and we are all hoping that greater things and better fortune will come hopping our way this 2011.

We've seen some dragon dances, lucky charms on display, spectacular fireworks, and lots of exploding red fashion. To keep up with the trend, I asked several Chinese and Chinoy friends/movers in the fashion industry to share their thoughts/wishes/resolutions for the Chinese New Year. There is no such resolutions though in traditional Chinese, but we can be creative - so long as they don't forget to give me some tikoy!!!

JESSICA CHIAO-HAN YANG, professional ramp and fashion model:
"I will say...I just love the give and take relationship I had with the world last year, so this year will probably be the same.. Haha! I always make a wishlist of what to achieve before starting the new year, it's very specific and in bullet points haha! I learn that from law of attraction, but anyway, just to make my long long wishlist short... In general, my line will be 'receive more and Give more ' ;) Maybe plus the "Travel more Learn more and enjoy more ;)"

IRISH SARAH ONG, Professional ramp and fashion model (PMAP):
"My wish is that may we all have a prosperous year and of course a nice career for everyone. May this year be a good start for a better community. God bless us all and happy happy chinese new year! Kung hei fat choi:) "

KENNETH CHUA, couturier/fashion designer:
"I dont expect for a new Philippines... Whoever is in charge of our country doesn't make a difference... A better Philippines has been in everyones wishlist ever since I can remember but still its been wish for by everyone.... I just wish for a better earth.... I think its more possible."

LOURDES "BOGS" LEE, big boss and owner of the shoe brand WADE:
"I promise to eat healthier this time around and watch my weight. Good health is important in running and manning a retail company like WADE and maintaining good ties with the family. Business-wise, I want to help others pursue their business goals by morally encouraging and inspiring them to come up with good things on their own thru focus and having a good deal of personal drive."
KEN GO, advertising and fashion photographer:
"As someone born under the year of the Rabbit, this will be my year and I am hopeful that my new endevour will prosper, since the success of this endeavor is the key to my peace and happiness :) "
RACHELL LISBETH SO, fashion and celebrity stylist:
"I treat the CNY as my 'last chance new year'. You know how people always make resolutions for January 1st? Well, I make them too but never implement them before CNY. I always think that I have a second chance every year of putting any resolutions into of the plus sides to being Chinese. Hehe! This way, I usually get more than a month of pep-talking my brain into following through. Last year's goal of going to the gym lasted all of two and a half months! (Better than none!) I'm hoping to get it to at least three months this time around. See you guys at the gym Feb 4! ;P"

DIMPLE LIM, avant garde fashion designer:
"My wish is to create more and desire less =)"

SEPH CHAM, ramp model, web designer and fellow fashion blogger (
"I'm thankful for all the unexpected blessings that have come my way. It's been a prosperous year and my wish and prayers is that my loved ones and I be even more blessed with prosperity and good health this New Year. As for my resolution, it's simply to save up for future needs and spend less on unnecessary wants and to take better care of myself by eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising and being optimistic."
MICHELLE LAO, RTW designer/merchandiser at Golden ABC:
"I'm in Taiwan right now spending our Chinese New Year with relatives. ='> With regards to my resolutions for the new year, I don't wish that much for abundance of wealth, for we can only achieve it with firm personal faith and optimism, physical strength, sky-high perseverance, continuous self-education for growth of individual skills & talents, and fearlessly challenging oneself to attain things that will eventually make us stronger. I always pray for the most sought for... good health and happiness. Kiong Hee Huat Chai!"
PATRICK TAN VERGARA, Editorial Assistant at Asian Dragon Magazine
"Resolution: to read the newspaper everyday and be more frugal - both of which I'm having hard time to achieve!! pero fyt fyt fyt! haha! =) Wishes: goof health for my family! success! and lovelife!(chos)"


  1. happy new year, mikee!!! :) wow naman, blogging from boracay! :)

  2. Happy CNY din to you mama reg! Hahaha, just came back from bora - i made sure i had a blog entry before leaving kanina! btw, super tnx for helping us. miss na namin ang buong team agad! :-)

  3. i mean "wished for" not " wish for" hehehe.... -kenneth chua