Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Fashion, without batting an eyelash, is the sweet love of my life. Styling and art directing photo shoots, conceptualizing ad campaigns, sourcing and searching relentlessly for the perfect editorial outfit/s are some of what I do together with my inimitable partner, George Palmiano.

Just like other dinky-doos, shopaholics and fashionmongers out there, we plead guilty to the ultimate pleasure that shopping brings. The moment we pass by a show window and be lured by mannequins that seem to business-talk (feeling Rebecca in Confessions of a Shopaholic the movie), we eagerly cruise down the racks, as if hypnotized, for clothes and items that reflect our personal taste. As we try to slip on a pair of gilded high-cut sneakers, rub the sleeves of a crisp pleated dress shirt against our cold cheeks, we slowly realize that this is becoming like love at first sight (and/or rather touch). A structured oversized leather bag on hand signifies attraction. A pile of trinkets clicks and clatters with the huge indication of slowly and finally yielding in… spending cash and then getting a little over the budget!

Geo and I are dreamers in this world of fashion, beauty and rapid change. We simply enjoy the ride and the scope of what our work brings. We get titillated with upcoming and to-die-for trends, be amazed with big fashion billboards battling for attention across the traffic-struck EDSA, get enticed with cheap but quality finds in tiangges or mall-wide sale events, and become starry-eyed with some of the most creative and beautiful people in the fashion industry.

Behind the scene shots with some of the amazing pictorials we did before.

With all these fashion things going on around me, I felt and realized that I have to give in to the call of writing (which I used to do ages ago). It’s like, as they say, remembering First Love.
On that note, let me open my blog and share with you a fashion story we did for the now-defunct FUDGE Magazine entitled “First Love”, which was printed last February 2010. I am deeply moved by the sudden goodbye, this is my small way of paying tribute to the magazine that honed our edgy styling skills. To Ms. Annie Alejo and her team, thanks for everything!

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