Sunday, August 29, 2010


No, not Cesar... But his shoe designs (I am pertaining to the title... kayo talaga mga veks)!

A few weeks back, we borrowed some shoes from his Greenbelt 5 store which we used for a fashion editorial shoot for a magazine. Because of such beauties, I took the opportunity to shoot them before returning.

THE HUNTRESS. Chocolate brown platform with safari-print

THE UPTOWN GIRL. Cerulian blue and burnt brown buckled strappy platform

THE BRONZED GODDESS. Metallic bronze platform with zipper and fringe

THE LADY WHO LOUNGES. Matte silver cutout buckled platform

Just holding these magnificent shoes feels like heaven. Well-designed with pure craftsmanship, GAUPO shoes are of real international caliber. Quite pricey (if you could afford something like P8,000 to P18,000 to a whopping P30,000 per pair!), but these shoes are to die for! If I could only walk on these pairs (yeah, dream on)!

Now vekis, wake up and stop dreaming! Leave these shoes to rich, stylish women with fat wallets and high credit card limits. By the way, thanks to Ms. Erica Bugia of Maldita Group of Companies.


  1. mas maganda pa rin ang parisian sa SM!

  2. @ anonymous: oh i love parisian, too. u suddenly made me stop and think, why not gaupo for parisian? hahaha! but either way, i still cant wear both.