Friday, January 13, 2012


It has been months since the 22nd PHILIPPINE AD CONGRESS, and this is the only time I am blogging about our (meaning, me and my partner George Palmiano) first ever CAMSUR experience. After a successful showing at the most recent Philippine Fashion Week, SM MEN'S FASHION (with co-sponsor SM MEN'S SHOES) brought the whole styling team to Southern Luzon to participate and make a good, fashionable impression during the well-attended AD CONGRESS last November 2011.

As everyone would know, it is never easy to put up a fashion show, much more in a distant province. As soon as we reached CAMSUR, everybody started working painstakingly with sweat dripping because of the terribly hot, humid weather - and that included carrying heavy boxes of clothes, shoes, racks and hangers, steaming and organizing everything. But no matter how hard the work seemed, it felt more like bonding with friends on an out-of-town trip because of the magnificent team spearheaded by Mader A. Marie V. Pascual (of MCG), and Ayen Florendo (of MFMC). Or better yet, it was like one, big, happy family making a fashionable adventure in the Bicol region (with lots of tall, handsome male models that you could rub elbows with all the time :-) ).

"CHANGE THE GAME" was the theme of the event, and SM MEN'S FASHION stepped up gamely with a segment fashion show that George directed, with styling by Mader Luis Espiritu (for Menswear) and moi (for Boys Teens). Here are some behind-the-scene tidbits that I wanted to share with you all - demonstrating that work definitely feels best when you're with an awesome group of people who share the same love and passion for fashion!

BIRTHDAY BOY. Model hottie Hideo Muraoka with his cute birthday cake the morning we arrived at CamSur.

THE VENUE. Brochures by SM Men's Fashion were lined on top of the chairs.

BUSY BUZZ. This was how it looked backstage while everybody was in full action mode.

DIRECTED BY. Fashion show director George Palmiano while working on his runway music.

BOYISH CHARM. Robson Guaragni of IM Models is such a cutie!

WATCHA LOOKIN' AT? Model Drew Rivera in candid moment with Revo Naval of MFMC in the background. 

THE WHO? Pedro M., izdatchu?

COUCH BEAUTIES. Makeup artist Bobby Carlos with hairstylist Jaime Sy.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Direk George Palmiano during the rehearsal with models Nat Kiefer, Hideo Muraoka and Zaydan Timpani.

MODEL BEHAVIOR. This picture proves that when big boys are together, expect them to bring the house down.

WORK IT! Model Hamed del Toro shows 'em how to walk.

SHADED APPEAL. Model Robbie Becroft in his version of cool.

MOVE TO THE GROOVE. Model Pedro Mologni wanted to show his moves like Jagger.

STAGE MOTHER. Welavshu Mader Marie Pascual (MCG)!

HAGGARDLY YOURS. Pagbigyan niyo na siya to take centerstage pleaseee!!!

KODAK MOMENT. Hideo Muraoka with Ricci del Rosario of SM Men's Shoes.

MAXIMUM FACTOR. Bobby Carlos while prepping up Drew Rivera.

PROUD CITIZEN. Model Zaydan Timpani is sexy and he knows it.

STYLE POWER. Supermodel/photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol (in SM Men's Fashion) with stylemaster Luis Espiritu.

BLUES CLUES. Nat Kiefer must be feeling blue.

HELPING HAND. Me and our assistant Ate Rossie while styling model Jhony just before the show.

BACK TO BACK TO BACK. Reg Rodriguez with MGP styling assistants Neri & Sheila are also having their behind-the-scene moments.

WELL SUITED. SM Boys Teens models Hamed del Toro (left) and Robbie Becroft (right) with Menswear Pedro Mologni (center) are all ready for action.

MUY GUAPO! Menswear models Drew Rivera, Zaydan Timpani & Hideo Muraoka with Boys Teens models Robson Guaragni & Jhony Monhol are all beaming at backstage.

PRICELESS MOMENT. SM Men's Fashion's queenbee, Ayen Florendo, is surrounded by all things beautiful.

FULL FASHION FORCE. Male models pose with event hosts Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto-Valdez.

GET SPORTY. These hotties went on wakeboarding after the show.

TOGETHER AGAIN. Ayen Florendo bumps with TV personality, sports buff and former SM Men's Fashion endorser, Marc Nelson.

Well, too bad we didn't get to explore CAMSUR that much. Nevertheless, Geo and I hope that we could come back and have some fun! Definitely, more adventures next time!

NOTE: All pictures by Ayen Florendo


  1. It's fun to see the models backstage and off the runway. ;p

  2. ang ga-gwapo naman nito, Mike! pwede bang maging assistant mo?:p

    1. haha ate lun, i know right! watch out for the summer shoot by the same team, mas nakakaloka! :-)