Monday, January 9, 2012


Part of my resolution for 2012 is to limit myself from writing something with okray (I'll persevere on doing that), and instead focus -- wholeheartedly -- on giving light to the best of the best. After several months, it's Tough Six time again! With no further ado, allow me to crown the 6 best fashion billboard ad campaigns of Fall/Winter 2011 (in my personal opinion) before I completely deal with the year ahead - in great style, of course!

Tough 1: UNA ROSA
UNA ROSA lives up to its name by being UNA as the season's classiest, most stylish ad campaign. The brand continues to induce international flavor in its very fashionable pictorials - this time kinda reminds me of Gucci. From clothes to styling to photography to art direction, Holiday 2011 has never been this glamorous and expensive-looking, with luxurious play on fall colors and rich textures, coupled with dramatic moments and sexy elegance that only the stylish woman can pull off.

Photography: Paolo Pineda; Art Direction & Styling: Vince Uy; Makeup: Mickey See; Hair: John Valle; Model: Alisa (Elite)

This particular ad campaign layout of PLAINS & PRINTS is pure delight (the other one in red background I am not so sassy about) as the brand pays homage to YSL's revered Mondrian dress. It's the only local brand to channel the 60's fashion trend, which dominated the foreign runways during the fall/winter season.

Photography: Marc Nicdao; Styling: Liz Uy; Art Direction: Vince Uy; Makeup: Gela Laurel

Tough 3: HUMAN
Alternative lifestyle brand HUMAN goes black - and shoots its message direct to the point - for its Holiday 2011 ad campaign. No hanky-panky, just nice clothes and enviable edginess rendered in captivating black and white photos.

Tough 4: TYLER
After several years of dormancy, TYLER gets ressurected, and is back on the fashion spotlight through the acquisition of retail bigshot Golden ABC. The Holiday 2011 ad campaign looks very chic and modern, as put together by a new creative team that remains true to the brand's design philosophy.

Photography: Xander Angeles; Art Direction & Styling: Suki Salvador; Hair & Makeup: Pia Reyes

The latest billboard ad campaign of SILVERWORKS is not utterly trendsetting, even not glamourous at all. But the spine-tingling, ghostly concept in vintage sepia (reminescent of our dead ka-lola-lolahan in baro't saya) gets everyone who passes by EDSA to take a second, third, nth look (depends on the gravity of highway traffic) and tell themselves, 'oh yeah... such a unique idea'. Unlike other accessory brands in the market, SILVERWORKS is not afraid to push the creative boundaries, thus with this billboard, I certainly agree - Never Let Go!

Tough 6: FREEWAY
Championing Filipino artistry thru fashion has been FREEWAY's battlecry for how many seasons now. The FREEWAY x MANANSALA National Artist Series is the latest installment, and the billboard ad campaign (though a far cry from Manansala's signature painting of local landscapes & folkoric colors) gets a twist with a tasteful Oriental styling - something unexpected, but rates high on my style meter.


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