Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hey PENSHOPPE, why are you doing this to us?

You tapped a dashing heartthrob from Hollywood as an endorser, created a big buzz, and transformed every Pinay into local versions of Gossip Girl with dapper ED WESTWICK.

Then we've fallen prey to Asian sensation and super cutie MARIO MAURER of Thailand. We are all feeling The Love of Siam!

Just when we thought two are enough to heat up our summer, you are bringing us the ultimate hottie of all, ZAC EFRON, and can't help but feel like we're The Lucky One.

Although this was the big trending news last week, I have to include Zac, the greatest crush, in my blog. No way I am letting this pass! To tell you all, Geo and I, as stylists, were fantasizing long ago about this Hollywood A-lister as an endorser, until PENSHOPPE got him (his first-ever international endorsement, would you believe) and made our - and other swooning fans' - dream come true.

Isn't it exciting that this hunk has penchant for something Pinoy?! He has Pinoy friends, his dad has profound memories of the Philippines, even his Highschool Musical co-star and ex-girlfriend (Vanessa Hudgens) is half-Filipino.

According to an article written by Ricky Lo for Philippine Star last Sunday, Zac will probably visit the Philippines after he finishes promoting his latest movie, “The Lucky One,” in Australia and Japan. PR Asia Worldwide head Joyce Ramirez, who closed the deal between Penshoppe and Efron, told Lo that more foreign stars are set to join Penshoppe’s “All Stars” campaign. Meaning, there's more? I so cannot wait! But I'll take Zac anytime, anywhere!

NOTE: Pictures were grabbed from Penshoppe,,

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