Monday, April 23, 2012


We all know that the coolest thing about Boracay (as a favorite getaway) is that life doesn't end when the sun goes down. The energy is just freakin' intense, and partying at night seems endless and incredibly insane.

Late last month, my partner Geo and I returned to this favorite summer hotspot with the SM MEN'S FASHION squad and a 5-man smorgasbord of male model hotties (that composed of Hideo Muraoka, Zaydan Timpani, Drew Rivera, Pedro Mologni and Nat Kiefer) - all itching to party with FHM Bikini Heaven Year 2. Luckily for Geo and I, this is also the second year that SM MEN'S FASHION turned the heat on as one of the main sponsors of the said event, with us doing the styling for their fashion segment.

With FHM holding the event (at Epic front beach), girls showing skin and parading in bikinis were the gold standard, and hormone-filled males lined up to see these babes that were headed by FHM favorites Sam Pinto, Ellen Adarna, Daiana Meneses, Regine Angeles, Aubrey Miles, Ornussa Cadness, Sanya Smith, Jill Yulo and March cover girl Bela Padilla. Sam Gogna of Boys Night Out was the "manyak" guy who hosted the event with Sam Pinto.

Males - and some females - queue for a hot summer night party with FHM.

Onstage at FHM Bikini Heaven Year 2.

Brazilian model Zaydan Timpani dominates the stage for SM Men's Fashion segment.

Pedro Mologni in another look from the latest collection of SM in-house brand, Main Street.

Nat Kiefer does tropicana with SM in-house brand Coco Republic.

Drew Rivera looks summer-ready in SM in-house brand, Tee Culture.

SM Men's Fashion's main face, Hideo Muraoka, steals the show in sexy swimming trunks by SM in-house brand, Coco Republic.

Even girls paraded in clothes by SM Men's Fashion.

A sexy view from behind.

The crowd goes on frenzy mode as the models of SM Men's Fashion give away free T-shirts.

Sam Gogna vs. Sam Pinto

Regine Angeles in an alluring number.

March cover girl Bela Padilla channels Wonderwoman in an unlikely cowgirl-ish boots.

Daiana Meneses shows her glorious bikini form.

Best model pals Sanya Smith and Ornussa Cadness as the Angels of Darkness and Light.

Blonde Ambition.

FHM Babe Kristine Santanamena is as bright as a rainbow.

White lady in a swimsuit.

Justice served in a two-piece.

Model Kit Barraquias reveals in a cleavage-baring silver number.

Green with envy.

Sam Gogna gets surrounded backstage with FHM bikini goddesses Daiana Meneses, Jacq Yu, Regine Angeles, Aubrey Miles, Sam Pinto and Ellen Adarna.

More bikini madness.

Sweaty me and oily Geo with black laced Ayen Florendo of SM Men's Fashion.

Me, stylist Belle Camarsi, Geo and Ayen Florendo party the night away.

Summit Media's Cha Clarino with actress Aubrey Miles and model Nat Kiefer.

Ayen Florendo, Zaydan Timpani, Drew Rivera & Belle Camarsi are having fun.

Hunky Hideo Muraoka towers over Belle Camarsi.

Me with SM Men's Fashion family - Jeff Lo, Yeng Ardiente, Sil Bayle and Joy.

Ayen Florendo and Cha Clarino are spotted with hotties - Hideo Muraoka and we-wish-we-know-his-name gorgeous guy.

Me, Geo, Ayen & Belle chill out with refreshments to cap off a hot, humid summer night in Bora.

The fun went on even after FHM's event with more dance, more booze, more noise. Then heavy rain fell suddenly on the island, I thought the party was over. People danced under the rain to cool down the heat, and till the wee hours, you could see them walking, running and enduring the nightlife. It's crazy, totally crazy!

NOTE: All photos by Cha Clarino


  1. Wow! Great (as usual)! Wish I was there. :) Congrats Mike, Geo and the rest of the team.