Tuesday, June 28, 2011


After watching this behind-the-scenes footage by Bench Body's upcoming ad campaign, I won't be surprised if I see you drooling relentlessly over these male athletes from the Philippine Rugby team in their almost naked glory, looking like well-endowed, massive, strong and stamina-filled Greek Olympians coming into flesh, I mean into life.   

Also known as The Volcanoes, the rugby team lets your wild imagination and kinky desire flare up in sexy briefs and nothing less. Seeing all these men bare just enough for all to catch a glimpse of, we witness how the male's gorgeous physique is transformed into a daring art form - it almost feels like watching a Dolce&Gabbana underwear ad campaign!  

Now, let's wait until The Volcanoes erupt and spit out molten lava to all who desire to follow them. Move over Azkals, shall I say?

NOTE: Video clip from BenchTV at YouTube.

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