Thursday, September 8, 2011


Younger girls do have the most fun!

Nowadays, it's difficult to distinguish children's fashion from the latest trends in young adults' wear. Inspiration doesn't just come from the street or the music industry anymore, but also from the cattiest catwalks around the globe. And just amazingly, KIDS OF BAYO (KOB) has transformed those designs into children's fashion in a flash.

For the pre-holiday season, KOB is showing its gusto with colour, designs, new fabrics, and cutesy-flirty elements, the likes of which are getting bolder, more playful and kikay than before. Colour abstinence is a thing of the past, as is the emphasis on high-tech and functionalism. Just like for grown-ups, having fun and being fashionable are key.

In addition to colour, KOB suggests an interplay of printed fabrics as this season's fashion statement. Mixing and matching clothes offers lots of fun, stylish ideas like combining bright-coloured pieces with stripes, polka-dots or dainty flower prints. Even funky graphic tees are in the mix. Charming accessories like tights and ankle socks, bows and ribbons, tiny sling-on bags, suede boots and funny hats will take these girls ready for the holidays.

STARSTRUCK. Blazer (Tracy): P895; Top (Yael): P695; Skirt (Tandy): P545

MEOW-WOW. Top (Mira): P445; Shorts (Nikki): P745

TWEEN SPIRIT. Jacket (Rafa): P745; Shorts (Bailey): P645.

STRIKE A POSE. Top (Devon): P595/P625.

DRAMA PRINCESS. Blazer (Railey): P895; Dress (Kayla): P895

MAKE FACE. Top (Kate): P495/525; Shorts (Kylie): P745

HEAR NO EVIL. Top (Remi): P495; Shorts (Cindy): P595.

SITTING PRETTY. Top (Kaira): P425/445; Leggings (Georgie): P425.

SPREAD THE LOVE. Top (Rina): P675; Skirt (Nadia): P695.

WHO'S THE BOSS? Top (Mich) P595; Skirt (Issa): P595

Visit any KIDS OF BAYO branch near you and grab a copy of their Look Book August-September Issue. For more details, checkout Like them also in Facebook (

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