Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm in a mood for a little creativity that I wanna start something ticklish for my blog. Starting this September, I would be featuring a section label that I call TOUGH SIX. Every month, I'll enlist (in my opinion, or according to my liking) top 6 (six) fashion topics, personalities, of-the-moment items, hot trends, scenarios - anything fascinating that's related to fashion.

And without further ado, I'll kickoff by tackling the hottest model couples in town. Blessed with good looks, killer bodies and the usual X-factor, these model-plus-model combos are burning like fire, and are turning everyone green with envy.

Tough 1
LATIN LOVERS. Mercator models Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago aren't just a hot pair - they're best examples of proud model parents with good gene combination (just see how cute their daughter is).

Tough 2
FIRE + ICE. Celebrity-models Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson make a smoldering combination.

Tough 3
GUA AI DI. Bench model John J. Uy and recent face of Plaints & Prints Jessica Chiao-Han Yang are definitely having a Chinese Connection.

Tough 4
WHEREVER, WHENEVER. Nathaniel Kiefer and Petra Dvorakova often stick and travel together for modelling assignments here and abroad.

Tough 5
M&M. Marx Topacio and Maxine Medina of PMAP are having sweet, sweet love!

Tough 6
DYNAMIC DUO. Lance Howard and Wendy Tabusalla are twosome coosome.

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