Thursday, March 15, 2012

KC vs. PIOLO: The Battle of the Vintage Car Billboard Ads

The KC CCONCEPCION - PIOLO PASCUAL issue has not ended yet, at least in my opinion.

Let's admit, we Pinoys love revelling on showbiz drama and controversies. Although I refuse to play a devil's advocate, we sometimes imagine how ex-lovers would face-off soon after parting ways. With the release of BAYO (for KC) and BENCH (for Piolo) summer ads for 2012, we would notice that there is a common denominator - both brands made similar use of vintage cars as props or background. So, to spark a little dose of intrigue, who do we think did the concept more superior, who outshone who, who between KC and Piolo rocked the vintage car better? As they say, let the battle of the ex's begin!

PARTING TIME. It's KC vs. Piolo in a battle of the vintage car ad campaigns!

Here's KC Concepcion looking so stylishly 50's retro for BAYO while looking dramatic on a top-down vintage car:

On the other side of the battle ring, Piolo Pascual does his best shot in a Havana-inspired summer pictorial for BENCH:

After seeing everything, shall I declare the winner? Your choice maybe as good as mine...

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