Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I am glad that finally, our designer-friend ESTIEN QUIJANO has something new to showcase his creative talent and love for fashion. A few years back, Estien rocked the style community with his avant garde take on garter materials that he used in producing groundbreaking killer dresses, maillots and separates.

This time around, Estien shifts his focus on making edgy but wearable accessories - still with his trademark use of garter and metal chains. This collection of handcrafted and statement pieces probably screams freedom from fashion stereotypes, and is called "EXODUS". 

Check out this dark and sensual lookbook that Estien himself also styled and art directed - with an obvious message that his accessories look good when worn without anything else. Dare to go bold?

"Ptolemy" - Statement Necklace
"Imhotep Ressurected" - Statement Necklace

"Anek-Su-Namon" - Garter & Chain Maillot

"Jewel Of the Nile" - Arm Cuffs Made of Tropicana Bottles, embelished with Antique Glass Crystals

"Slave I" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Slave II" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Slave III" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Slave IV" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Slave V" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Slavery" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Slavery II" - Garter & Chain Necklace

"Batsheba" - Garter & Chain Body Accesories

"Semiramis" - Garter & Chain Body Accesories

"Nefertiri" - Garter & Chain Maillot

The EXODUS accessories by ESTIEN QUIJANO is now available at the VATICAN FASHION MUSEUM, 4th Level Markati Palazzo, The Podium Mall.

Photography: Mark Acuña
Concept, Styling & Art Direction: Estien Quijano
Lighting Design: Estien Quijano
Model: Inyakie Contreras 

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