Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Young, talented and emerging fashion designer NOELLE LLAVE must have excelled in Geometry subject during her days in school. 

A member of FADAL Manila (Fashion Designers Alliance Manila) and a graduate of SOFA (School of Fashion and the Arts), Noelle (or Paula, as her peers call her) was inspired by her childhood experience when denim was the main clothing choice, and during the time she was enrolled in a school wherein teaching principles were unusual, and used learning materials like shapes and geometric blocks to teach. All these resulted to the launch of her Holiday 2011 accessory collection called “GEOMETRIC SYMMETRY.”

This purely handmade accessory line utilized German leather cutouts transformed into magnificent fashionable artworks in geometric-inspired cuffs, bracelets and necklaces in various shapes and proportions. An unconventional mix of color tones abound, too, with Noelle toying with the use of oranges, light blues and browns - attuned with fashion's undying color blocking trend. Tron and other sci-fi movies also gave added inspiration to this wonderfully-thought collection.

To those die-hard fashion mongers who would want to be the first to wear these stylish must-haves, let it be known that Noelle does these accessories all by herself, therefore you should place your orders beforehand. Price ranges from P1800 to P2500, and Noelle can even customize these accessories according to your personal size. For details, email at or contact 09175023617. Available at Backstage in Boni Highstreet soon.

HOLD ME. Raw-cut leather cuffs in color blocks.

BRACE YOURSELF. Leather wrist bands in neutral colors.

CUTTHROAT. Structural neckpieces in leather cutouts.

Photographed by Fold Canela

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