Monday, July 18, 2011


An uprising is at helm. Local fashion brands have gone fearless as they launch their arsenals for the ultimate denim war.

We are a country that truly loves denim. Name a single person who hasn't tried wearing jeans in his/her entire life, specifically on a casual day when one can't think of something else to use but a reliable pair of denim pants. This piece of garment has become a wardrobe staple that Pinoys, fashionable or not, can't live without.

Jeans, be it comfort, fit, style or wearability, have evolved in terms of design and functionality. The versatile jeans can go well with almost everything - from the most basic top to the more funked-up jackets, even elaborate designer pieces.

There's always a perfect pair for everyone, and so goes the battle for denim supremacy. Either done with artistic sense, or injected with seductive form of advertising, the retail brands below are equipped, and are ready to culminate the standard for trendsetting jeanetics.

Let the bloody denim revolution begin!

The retail giant has gone all-out with an all-star cast for its OJ (Overhauled Jeans) campaign. Male or female, you can groove to the right move with dark, fitted denim.

Much have been said about the grand launch of international star ED WESTWICK, but the pretty boy of Gossip Girl looks pretty cool in monotone double denim (chambray top + denim pants). Notice his tatoo, as well, that says "I heart romance". We heart you, too!

I have already included this in my previous blog article, but this awesome denim ad campaign (that features five mouth-watering, gorgeous, good-looking, male foreign models in jeans from in-house and consigned brands) is worthy of another mention, since it gets you salivating for the new sexy. Just delivered jeans, anyone?

Basketball in jeans? Sam Milby gets down, sweaty and dirty wearing only jeans (well, his underwear from F&H is also showing). Styling tip: folding the hemline of the pants is kinda sexy, too.

It's girl power for Plains & Prints with a pictorial heralding the 25th year of PMAP with local top models Samantha Lewis, Girlie Benitez, Marina Benepayo, Melissa Frye and Anna Sideco. The use of basic white tops over blue and indigo jeans  make the whole styling very crisp and elegantly casual.

This has been featured in my blog entry before, but the on-going ad campaign that highlights actor/model Xian Lim going sexy in jeans still delights kinky minds. Mint says, just fit the jeans and don't doubt their denim.

The local ad campaign of Hang Ten is obviously, forever summer. Although it's rainy season already, get wet and wild with their classic choice of denim wear, or should I say, the art of seduction that lingers on?

Sorry Avel Bacudio, but I'd like to see this new pictorial to replace immediately your not-so-attractive current billboard ads with Boardwalk across the metropolis. We must admit, Derek Ramsay is more yummy and endearing, and he gives classier and stellar factor to your denim designs - which means better sales for Boardwalk. Agree?

NOTE: All photos are not mine - they were grabbed from each brand's Facebook page.

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