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It has been more than a week now, but still, the euphoric feeling of styling backstage for the BOYS TEENS WEAR segment of SM MEN'S FASHION during the Philippine Fashion Week lingers in me.

All the things that happened that night keep coming like flashes of pictures, and now that good reviews are out regarding the collections, I smile not just for myself and my MGP team, but for everybody who truly worked hard for SM MEN'S FASHION to successfully launch its first big, major, solo show in super wow fashion.

JAMPACKED. A huge mass of fashion monickers trooped to the much-anticipated event of SM Men's Fashion.

ON THE RACKS. An assortment of clothes being prepared for the show.

NATIVE SURPRISE. Baskets and accessories galore from SM Kultura Filipino.

FULL STRIPES AHEAD. Our styling assistants Sheila, Grace and Maika backstage with photographer/videographer Mau Aguasin.

READY FOR ACTION. Some of our dressers in busy mode.

STOLEN MOMENT. Me giving final instructions to our dressers.

FLAMING HEAD. The show's first face, Pedro Dutra of Reco Models, in candid moment while our dressers fix his first look.

SEXY BACK. Our dressers must have surely enjoyed their work with awesome, exciting sight to behold.

QUICK FIX. Models line up for LÓreal.

WHAT'S THE COMMOTION? Backstage madness just before the show started.

 As you readers would know, this is a bold attempt by SM MEN'S FASHION to level up, as the big brand is intent on making itself the final frontier in local men's fashion. Not because my partner George Palmiano and I were the other half of the styling team for this show (Luis Espiritu styled for the menswear and Bo Athletics segments), but department store fashion has never been this exciting before, with a fearless showcase of globally-inspired trends that paraded on the runway.

Even the show's production affirmed SM MEN'S FASHION's total evolution, with direction from the super huggable Direk Jacky Aquino, the creative big man who comes with a bigger heart. A cast of over a hundred delectable, jaw-dropping male models (led by hotties Hideo Muraoka and Benjamin Tang) titillated the audience as they walked in different collections that composed of pieces that should be in every man's closet from holiday to pre-summer dressing. Here's a video clip (by Fold Canela) that opened the show, giving a glimpse of the awesome, fashionable things for men's and boys teens' wear:

A. ALPHABETICA (Boys Teens Wear)
A young, vibrant urban-meets-preppy collection with British fashion vibe highlighted by colored statement shirts and alphabet prints, all smashingly paired with checkered tops, blazers and/or pants, colored jeans and/or jackets that all together sum up to cool-guy-on-the-go fall/winter dressing.

B. MODERN URBAN (Menswear)
A sartorial take on New York street wear, this collection consists of smartly layered tops, jackets and bottoms in autumn shades of browns and grays, accented with hints of deep, rich colors in teal, orange and red.

C. METALLICA (Boys Teens Wear)
Perhaps the bravest take on all the collections, Metallica channels tough but sexy rock star chic with space-age metallic pants in silver and gold, and tops with bold metallic foil accents against black ensembles. Also take note of the unique accessories used here, stretch bangles and clutches made out of canister lids (from SM Kultura Filipino), as well as transparent belts and eyewear, and those dangling metallic chain ear clasps that I specially made for this collection. Definitely for all the daring and edgy nightcrawlers out there!

D. HIGH STREET (Menswear)
An upscale collection of office ensembles with buttondowns and tapered slacks paired with trench coats and narrow-lapel blazers in monochrome hues with accents of indigo, dark teal and bordeaux, High Street is for the classic businessman with a definite goal.

E. NOIR (Boys Teens Wear)
Dandy dressing takes a youthful, formal spin with the Noir collection, as exhibited in black, gray and white ensembles, checkered prints, vests, bowties and blazers, plus funky aviator shades finished with floral pins for that added fun but sophisticated boy-next-door appeal. Shoes by Signor, another SM in-house brand.

Classic formal wear hits a high note in well-fitted tuxedos accentuated with bowties, cummerbunds and even printed silk scarves. SM MEN'S FASHION further pushed the envelope by having some of the country's top female models in cameo appearance - Jasmine Maierhoffer, Samantha Lewis, Melissa Frye, Girlie Benitez and Jo Ann Bitagcol - who all sashayed in men's tuxedo get-ups. Obviously, the brand is making its message clear, that their merchandise can also look good and astonishingly sexy on women.

G. BO' ATHLETICS (Menswear)
Bringing the whole house down via a live-action-cum-graphics segment was Bo’ Athletics, the in-house sportswear brand of SM MEN'S FASHION. Everybody was screaming in amazement with such visual treat, as man battled with on-screen computer graphic-generated objects. The pieces were modeled by UAAP athletes, Team Socceroo squad members, and celebrity endorser Derek Ramsay himself (who did a fantastic job on a well-choreographed shadow play). 

F. ETHNIC MAJORITY - Spring/Summer 2012 (Boys Teens Wear)
This maybe the most fun-filled collection among the bunch, as ethnic prints with Navajo/Aztec appeal were given a playful twist that can be incorporated into modern casual dressing. Finished with feather earrings and necklaces, corded head bands, colored socks, Igorot sashes and native baskets from SM Kultura Filipino, truly, the tribe has spoken!

See this special BTS video clip (by Mau Aguasin) that opened this segment:

G. FINALE - Spring/Summer 2012 (Menswear)
Beach-worthy linens and easy-breezy cottons paved way for men's summer fashion. Pastel hues combined with light, earth tones dominated this collection accessorized with printed neck scarves.

Styling for BOYS TEENS WEAR for PFW in 4th succession holds an endearing, sentimental place in my heart. The process in preparing the different collections is painstakingly long - from research, trend forecasting, merchandise planning, product development, sourcing, checking of samples, sorting of items, model selection, pictorials, fittings, review of styling, final styling, ironing of clothes, packing etc. leading towards the event itself. In short, it was pure labor of love.

I am sure that everybody involved in putting up this show also felt the same love I did. Ms. Ayen Florendo, my nurturing mother and Marketing Head of SM MEN'S FASHION, showed tremendous, unparalled love for this brand as she sweated blood and even cried tears in spearheading this ambitious project. Thank you and congrats Mader, I remember you telling me that you trust me in whatever I plan to do, and that really paid off!

THEY CAME, THEY CONQUERED. A cheering MFMC Team in full force during the fashion show.

My MGP team that I love most, from dressers to styling assistants (Sheila, Grace, Amor, Maika, Ate Rossie, Neri, etc.), the effort you gave was also an indication of love for the work that were assigned to you. Of course, my partner George Palmiano, for obvious reasons, it was more than love for each other, it was also giving love for the things we value a lot.

CHECKMATES. Me and Geo Palmiano donning checkered prints.

THREE'S A COMPANY. Our styling assistants Maika, Grace and Sheila.

Then I remember Luis Espiritu saying in a text message that despite all the odds towards achieving the best SM show, it was really the underlying great friendship that made that night a success - so true mader!

FANTASTIC FOUR. Stylist/Columnist/Creative Director Luis Espiritu, Ayen Florendo of MFMC, George Palmiano & me definitely love men - I mean, SM Men's Fashion!

Our gratitude also goes to Bobby Carlos and his team, for doing their best actions in adhering to my last-minute hair & makeup requests. To Will Go and Tonio Castro of BOYS TEENS WEAR, thumbs up for putting up the great merchandise assortment ever! Thanks also to all of our dear beloved friends (you know who you are) who attended and gave their support.

ALL FOUR GLORY. Makeup artist Ria Aquino, Geo Palmiano, Max Factor's Bobby Carlos and model Samantha Lewis also have their backstage moment.

SAY CHEESE! The Marketing and Visual Display Team of SM Men's Fashion.

WE R FAMILY. The MFMC Group pose with Direk Jacky Aquino, Luis Espiritu, MGP and Mr. Harley Sy.

MEMOIR. To my beloved PFW I.D., you will be badly missed!

Although the show lights have been off for sometime now, I will never forget that night - the awesome fashion collections and runway trends, the jaw-dropping male models, and the wonderful people behind this big fashion show. With trendsetting clothes that define the hottest styles for men this season, SM MEN'S FASHION levels up and conquers the spotlight, indeed.

NOTE: All photos by SM Men's Fashion Facebook account, Nelson Villarica,, Louis Claparols, BjornManila, Maika Dy, Grace Tan Boyles, Jurgenshine Biol, Vanessa dela Cruz & Vina Amor Lim Romero.

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