Monday, November 14, 2011


Just when you know that I've concluded multiple stories about SM MEN'S FASHION's participation in the Philippine Fashion Week, there's more!

Let it be known before you make sawa, that there was a photo exhibit held during the event itself. I am not sure if a lot of people saw this, but personally, the pictures are worth sharing to all. SM MEN'S FASHION, thru this pictorial, went out of their usual comfort zone. The highly conceptual visuals, that gave highlight to its latest PFW collections, are SM's way to stun everybody's thinking -  that department store clothes can also look very edgy, very fashion editorial.

For BOYS TEENS WEAR, the pictorial we did was entitled "POINT BLANC" - an interplay of lights and shadows rendered in the absence of colors. Mastefully photographed by Frank Hoefsmit, with styling, art direction and post-production by MGP (kami yun, hehe), makeup by Bobby Carlos (Max Factor) and Ria Aquino, hair by Jaime Sy, modelled by Robson Guaragni (IM Models), Pedre Dutra (Reco) and Avery Paraiso (Victo Rio), please allow us to indulge you more with these creative visuals that put the boys into the spotlight.

SAY FIERCE. All clothes by Markus.

EDGE OF GLORY. All clothes by Markus.

ALPHABET SOUP. Statement tee by Tee Culture; Blazer, checkered polo and pants all by Markus.

PURE DRAMA. All clothes by Markus.

METALLICA. Metallic top and pants both by Markus.

AGE OF SOPHISTICATION. All clothes by Markus.

ARMED STRUGGLE. All clothes by Markus.

DOUBLE VISION. Metallic tank top by Markus.

ETHNIC MAJORITY. All clothes by Markus.

INTO THE TRIBE. All clothes by Markus.

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