Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Fall on your knees and worship, the goddesses of summer are here!

She almost conquered the universe, but it didn't stop her from breathing fire this summer! With blazing beauty, commanding presence and walk of a true queen, FOLDED&HUNG welcomes another sizzling beauty to behold, a "major-major" endorser exclusively for its swimsuit line - and VENUS RAJ was her name!

On the other hand, ANNE CURTIS, the original dyosa, is also back in billboards for FOLDED&HUNG Fragrances. Poised with love, beauty and more, Anne becomes the summer rose with the release of the new fragrance, Black Rose Eau de Toilette.

I wonder what happened to ANGEL LOCSIN, another screen goddess, who seemed to be absent this time in F&H's series of summer ads. She used to model the latest swimsuits from the brand, in fact, her two-piece bikini billboard last year catapulted her to FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman for 2010.

Anyways, check out the new collections at FOLDED&HUNG's branches in major malls nationwide. Or visit www.foldedandhung.com.

NOTE: All pictures from Mr. Ronald Pineda.


  1. wow, you're right, Venus Raj is a goddess! and i love the Anne Curtis photo, ganda ng facial expression!

  2. parang ganyan lang ang ganda natin ate lun... mala-goddess! hahaha!