Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MAKING THE KILL (Killer Heels, that is!)

Reading on  VIRTUAL MAE's website, a review by Anna Canlas of Preview says, "Poring over Virtual Mae’s vast selection of shoes will make you die and go to heaven, only to be resurrected and killed yet again by the sheer exquisiteness of yet another pair. That’s why they’re called killer heels, agree?"


Although without formal training in shoe design, MAE SERGIO is quickly getting the positive nod of stylistas through her shoe business available online called VIRTUAL MAE.

A graduate of Business Management of DLSU and a law student of San Beda College, Mae is keen on presenting a wide selection of trendy, edgy, fleeting footwear designs but in limited numbers. That means only a handful of women can own a single pair or design.

From fashion magazines to chic celebrities, VIRTUAL MAE makes the kill this summer as it turns more women translating shoes as their fashion vice. Drool over her Color Splash collection that can leave inggiteras in shock and awe. This assortment, inspired by smoldering runway trends abroad, is made up of color-savvy shoes in tall, sexy heels fierce enough to cut through a stranger about to harass you on the street.

LEGO LOVE. Color-blocked structural shoe with sexy stiletto heel.
 Style No. 900. Price available upon request.

PURE ARTWORK. Abstract-printed boot-pump with skyscraper heel.
 Style No. 901. Price available upon request.

BURNING DESIRE. Red orange textured platform pumps.
Style No. 904. Price available upon request.

INTO THE BLUE. Blue velvet high-heeled pump.
Style No. 903. Price available upon request.

THE PERFECT TIE. Wrap-around peeptoe with purple lucite bottom.
Style No. 801. Price available upon request.

STAND TALL. Multi-strapped platform with metallic heel.
Style No. 902. Price available upon request.

All shoes are Italian-made. For pre-orders only. 50% downpayment required. Contact Mae Sergio at 09175375901 for inquiries and bulk orders. Also check her shoes online via or look for her at Facebook (Mae Sergio) and Twitter (Virtual Mae).


  1. are heaven-sent, Mike! :-D

    And you sure have a knack for words.

    Thank you so, so much! You're the best!

    Will post this. :-D

    Mae Sergio

  2. Tnx Mae! Sayang the shoes... kaya lang i am not a girl kasi... so i blogged abt it na lang. hehe!