Monday, May 16, 2011


The night of May 11, I said in my Facebook status, "Thanks Lord, now we can sleep with a smile on our faces!"

Even days after that, George and I feel extremely light as we go on with other tasks, still smiling and fully relieved. Styling the Boys Teens Wear segment of SM Department Store for Philippine Fashion Week has always been a rollercoaster ride. 

Now that the runway pictures are out, we're smiling again upon seeing how the different clothes looked great on the male models, and how cohesive the collections have become considering the various trends that were presented - from boys teens to menswear. We're smiling even bigger because we made it through, and most especially, a job well done for all. We're smiling ultimately, for all the cheerful accolades - team MFMC, we know the battle has been won!

From boys to men, SM Menswear sees a new breed of handsome, classy and fashionable males all out for distinction. See for yourself.


SPORTIF - Whites, grays and blacks combine for this young, sporty-lifestyle and minimalist take on basic casuals that can carry on to the streets.

P-POP - Pinoy pop culture gets put in the street mix master and spun on 'high'. Put on some preppy checkered shirts, T-shirts with big famous vintage brand logos and cartoon images, all paired with bright-colored shorts, headsets and geek glasses.

THE VARSITARIAN - Red, white, black and blue rise along with checks and stripes. Finish with high socks, some Euro soccer styling, some French flair and some American jock sporty classics.

B. MENSWEAR  (Styled by Luis Espiritu. Associate styling by Reg Rodriguez, Donna Gonzales-Lim, Rudolph Leonor, Mikka Velasquez and Noelle Llave)

MODERN NEUTRALS - Browns, khakis, grays and whites all mix up for the modern male global trotter. 

BRIGHT TO THE FUTURE - The future of men's casual fashion as seen in bold, colorful spectrum.

JUST SUIT ME - Dark suits with color highlights for the successful man on the go.

Thank you Team MFMC (Sir J.Lo, Anthony C., Natalie G., Wil O., Joanne, Marielle A., Sil, Emmanuel N., Revo N., Lodz D., etc.) for giving us this challenge and for the support we needed throughout. Thanks as well to our hardworking assistants who literally rocked the backstage during the show (Sheila, Abby, Joanne, Maan, Gracia, Jay, Ate Rossie & Jesh). Thanks to Mader Luis Espiritu and his lovely, fashionable kiddies. Lastly, congratulations Ayen Florendo, it's all worth the tears!

ALL SMILES. Wafu models with hot, beautiful styling & creative team for MFMC posing with big smiles after the SM Dept. Store PFW show!

Please check out SM Men's Fashion and SM Boys Teens Wear at Facebook for more PFW details, and please like their pages.

More PFW moments after this blog. Please watch out for it.

NOTE: Runway photos by Nelson Villarica.

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