Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Gay Pride is no longer the most-attended homosexual event in the country. The just-concluded PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK provided a 7-day fiesta for all the gays, discreet or loud, short or tall, pretty or handsome, sexy or macho, or whatever in between.

But PFW is not just that. It's for everybody, girl or boy or something, who loves fashion, and for those who support our local design industry. For others, there's joy in getting all dressed up, see a runway show, and simply marvel at the creativity brought to us by different designers, as well as local brands. Others just go there tour de force with their best outfits or outrageous hair & makeup, in the hope that their pictures were taken just because of their you know, latest garbs.

Whatever these people's motives are, it's the diversity of style that makes the series of events one of the most celebrated in local fashion. I am glad that I was able to become a part of it, attend some shows of dear designer friends, and experience all the stylish things that went on.

With memories still intact, let me share my personal PFW accounts (backstage, sidelines, front, etc. at SM show) caught in pictures, from runway and beyond. Call it memoirs of a gay-sha!

THE WORLD IS A STAGE. The runway being prepped for SM Department Store's fashion show.
HANGMAN. Kuya, please be careful!
MEN'S CORNER. A look at SM Menswear's PFW statement.
THE COLLECTIVE. Clothes were lined-up and prepared for each model.
LET'S ACCESSORIZE. Shoes, socks caps and others laid on the floor.
FRONT ROW. VIP Treatment for the media.
MAKE ME UP! Maybelline's and L'Oreal's beauty station.
ENUMERATE. Final Listing of Models
TASK FORCE MGP. Each of us got a specific model assignment.
WORK! WORK! WORK! The kiddies of Mader Luis Espiritu in busy mode.
WAITING TO EXHALE. Sheila and Maan in busy-busyhan mode.
CHAOS AT THE MAKEUP ROOM. The L'Oreal team backstage.
HERE THEY COME. The male models have arrived.
QUEEN BEE. The boys must love Ayen Florendo of SM Menswear. Sorry Geo, you're just too heavy! :-)
BOY NEXT DOOR. We heart menswear model Nathaniel Kiefer!
SIGHT SEEING. These girls (Jesh, Mikka and Joanne) are sooo loving their work.
HAIR APPARENT. Me feeling hairstylist to Boys teens model Kyle Junior.
IKAW NA! Associate stylist Rudolph Leonor with menswear model Lance.
GAME BOY. Boys Teens model Don Luis must be ready for action.
KODAK MOMENT. Cutie model Duanne with the dependable Ate Rossie.
THE LIVING DEAD. Model Kyle Junior tries to goof around while wrinkling his clothes - not funny!
LA GRETA MIA! Mama Gretch and Ate dresser.
HIDDEN AGENDA. Our styling assistant Sheila fixing Boys teens model Marc Seifert's pants.
FIDELISSIMA. Associate stylist Reg Rodriguez (in hot pink) showing loyalty to the department store with a plastic bag by SM, while young designer Noelle Llave (in red) looks on.
ALL DRESSED UP. Our models lineup for the ultimate show.
P-POP. Model Brian Wilson looking cutie while wearing one of the colorful looks we created.
CHECK! Model Charlie S. is on our checklist.
THE VARSITARIAN. This particular look is one of my faves, in the same manner as model Robbie.
RED-HOT. Our Boys teens models walk the curtain call.
LIGHTS CAMERA! Photographers and press people in full swing.

BACKSTAGE SUPPORT. Thanks Wil O. of Boys Teens Wear!
SHOEHOLICS. Rina Lacia-Bugayong of SM-LTBG, Mau de Leon of Mercator & Lora Gabuna-Antenor of Adfolio pose beside a display of beautiful Parisian shoes.
GRAYS & STRIPES. Geo with our friends from Shapes, as well as cutiesome twosome bloggers/stylists Shai Lagarde & Seph Cham.
THE GENTLEMEN. Photographers Arnel Murillo and dashing Frank Hoefsmit.
I-M WHAT I-M. Sexy Clyde Rivera and sexier May Flores of IM Models.
MANA PO. Gorgeous foreign model Fatima Rabago with her pretty model-in-the-making, Dan-da.
CUTIE ALERT! Model Sameer of IM Models looks hot!
WE R FAMILY. Team Menswear during post-fashion show (L-R: Kyle, Mama Yeng, Geo, Renan, Hideo, Mader Ayen, Reg, Alex, Mikka, Rudolph, Donna, Noelle and moi).
FRESH TALENTS. Associate stylists Mikka Velasquez, Noelle llave, Rudoplh Leonor and Donna Gonzales-Lim for menswear segment with Emmanuel Natola of Boys Teens marketing in the background. Where's Reg?
THE BEST TEAM EVER. MGP thanks our dependable girls: Sheila Danipog, Abbie Bulaong, Joanne Rinos, Maan, Grace Tan-Boyles, Ate Rossie and Jesh.
MGP STYLE. Thanks for the partnership - from runway and beyond!

NOTE: Some photos from Reg Rodriguez, Grace Tan-Boyles, Joshua Mark and iamrhandzome.


  1. congrats guys =) i heard it was an amazing show! - TOFF

  2. hey toff sayang u weren't there! tnx for the comment anyways! don't u miss btw? :-) see yah soon!