Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Finally, it's here! We have awaited for this moment for quite sometime. Although we have done this for three seasons already, styling for SM DEPARTMENT STORE's Boys Teens Wear for Philippine Fashion Week is getting more challenging, more demanding than ever.

Throughout the planning stages, endless brainstorming, careful selection of clothes, editing and re-editing of the entire look, several fittings, completion of the entire collection, the whole fashion show process requires lengthy hard work, considering only 15 minutes of runway time. All these because SM is set to define its retail menswear fashion supremacy.

In any show or any project, there's always the behind-the-scene drama, the backstage bickering, the envious doodling and murmuring. But George and I relish the beauty and strength of the work we have prepared for tonight, and we regard the people who have trusted our creativity. We love clothes, and we love the thing we do. And most of all, we love our team and that youthful fighting spirit! 

Wonder Twins. Models Donn Luis and Brian get pop-nerdy during fitting.
Forward Brights. Male models lineup for menswear's take on the ultra-colorful.
Subliminal. Shoes and bags in whites & grays.
My Brad Pitt. Model Duanne is cutie of the moment.
Body body body! Would take Hideo anytime, too!
For the boys. Different clothes have different looks.

Later tonight, we'll be feeling butterflies in our stomachs again. We'll be running crazy as hell. But the most important thing is that we have to enjoy every minute of it.

Therefore Boys Teens Wear Department, let's put on a good show and have fun while doing it! To our counterpart Menswear, good luck to all of us and may we be successful in presenting the looks we have toiled for.
Go Team MFMC! Always ahead!

SM Menswear PFW ad - Photographed by Frank Hoefsmit; Styled by Luis Espiritu & his team. Makeup by Bobby Carlos (Max Factor)

NOTE: The SM Department Store PFW show is scheduled at 5:30PM later at Function Rooms 2 & 3 of the SMX Convention Center. Attire is cocktail chic. See you there!