Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Is there something wrong seeing males looking stylishly dapper and sartorially garbed to the point that they seem ohhh soooo vain?

For designer ULYSSES KING, these are men who are seductive and dangerous, powerful but playful – who meet at a tucked-away pub downtown to plot their next agenda. They are attractive, clean, elegant, and full of mystery – with a smirk that either gives away their love for fun that borders on impeccable debauchery or that elusive urbane eclecticism.

In a fashion show scheduled 7:30PM tonight at the SMX Convention Center Function Room 5, another dear designer friend is all set to be in the Philippine Fashion Week spotlight with the showcase of his Holiday 2011 collection. One of the nicest young menswear designers around, ULYSSES KING is feeling very "Contempo-70's".

Inspired by the men's vanity in the70's, this new collection brings out the relatively stranger alter-egos of men dressed in suits, translating into the dashing Dannys in Ocean's Eleven.

Ulysses made use of velvet, suede and corduroy as base materials adorned with metal studs and leather – something very high-strung and contemporary. Lightweight coats, jackets with asymmetric front, angled-zip pockets and epaulets, fitted blazers that flared slightly at the hip, trousers with a gentle bell at the bottom and ruffled tops – all complete Ulysses' saunter into the Seventies.

Ulysses King is also supported by Nivea for Men, Dillingers 1903 Bar, BOBON, The Podium and Freshman Masculine Wash for PFW A/W 2011.

Photography : Brian Philip
Styling: Edmir Lagui
Accessories: Adante Leyesa
Make-up : Winn Ramos
Graphics: Kris Lacson
Creative Consultants: Ulysses King & Estien Quijano
Location: Dillingers 1903 Bar , Greenbelt 3
Models: Carlo Gonzales, Bryan Webb, Carlo Torres, Karl Gredona, Nico Caronan & Peter Dee

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