Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just as when you thought that you've gotten enough of my blog entries about SM MENSWEAR's latest offering, there's still more! What does SM stand for if it does'nt have it all for you, right?

Sorry, I just can't help but feature the most recent style manual we did (with some of our Philippine Fashion Week styling encore), which will come out next month exclusively at PEOPLE ASIA Magazine. This is something that we must show the world, and I must publish it even if I may seem repetitive. With nicely done layout, great copy lines, stark photography, awesome styling (ehemmm!), delicioso Hideo on the cover, and some other handsome hunks inside the pages - boy, what am I to lose?!

With the trendiest, most flambouyant boys' and men's fashion interpreted side by side for this manual, choose your style and be color decoded!

All clothes available at SM Department Store, Boys Teens Wear Section and Men's Wear Department (styles may vary per store). Please check out SM Men's Fashion and SM Boys Teens Wear at Facebook for more PFW details, and please like their pages.

Photography: Frank Hoefsmit
Styling: Luis Espiritu (associate styling by Reg Rodriguez, Donna Gonzales-Lim, Rudolph Leonor, Mikka Velasquez) for Menswear;
Mike de Guzman & George Palmiano (MGP) for Boys Teens
Grooming: Bobby Carlos (Max Factor)
Hair: Jaime Sy
Models: Hideo Muraoka (Mercator) & Abs (Ideal People) for Menswear;
Duane Stagoll (Reco) for Boys Teens
Text: Paolo dela Cruz
Layout: Tatum Ancheta & Ramon Ruiz
Coordinator: Ryan Ros Calmante

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