Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I remember my partner, George Palmiano, telling me that he loves Christmas Day because everyone makes an effort to dress up - from the stylish down to the ultimate jologs - with their newly-purchased Yuletide outfits. So true!

Not to be outdone, my 1-year old toy poodle, VIVIENNE, wanted to create her own fashionable statement, steal the spotlight and spread some glad tidings by dressing up as a Santa dog. She even had her own pictorial, and asked me to do a graphic layout starring her newly-groomed self with her very direct, super bold Christmas message dedicated to the bitches of the entire world! Well, lo and behold...

Don't you just love her? Happy holidays to all!


  1. hello, Vivienne! you're very pretty in your Santa outfit.:p

    do you have a matching ear muffs for the New Year?

  2. haha ate lun, she has metallic hot pants for the new year. i'm looking for a polka-dotted one though! hehe!