Monday, December 19, 2011


When I was in elementary, I used to look up the mysterious wonders of the night sky and gaze at the stars with awe, hoping and wanting to be an astronomer someday. That didn't come true, you know.

But I am glad that there are fashion movers in the industry who share the same inclination, and who are greatly inspired by the universe and the stars that compose it. This holiday, top clothing brand FOLDED&HUNG is seeing stars via its new collection thru a collaboration with the edgy design talent, JEROME LORICO.

With an ad campaign that stars hunky actor SAM MILBY, Jerome says this about his F&H collection, “I have been completely in awe with the universe and how it actually stares at us. But like everyone, the stars signify so much dreams, joys and style."  

According to the young designer, the whole premium line plays with strong monochromatic colours of black, white and gray with slim silhouette that emphasizes a man’s true form. Jerome also reached for the stars and placed them as graphic prints on tees and polo tops, giving each piece some tough-edged, military feel. There are also slim pants, jackets and knit cardigans that complete the holiday look for the modern F&H man.

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