Tuesday, December 20, 2011


After having to talk much about PARISIAN, SM Men's Shoes takes centerstage this holiday season, moving a big step forward with another in-house brand, MILANOS.

Taking design inspirations from the hottest and classiest men's runway footwear trends in Milan, MILANOS - just like its namesake - is ultimately targetted for the stylish male urbanites.

MILANOS takes into consideration the comfort of having a shoe that protects your feet from the daily wear and tear. With casual and formal shoes suitable for every occasion, choose from a variety of classic and affordable styles that can have you walking from the street to the workplace, even to your office Christmas party.

Check out the ad campaign and style catalogue we've done for MILANOS and step into your most stylish Holiday getup with these nicely-designed footwear:

PARTY MODE. Dress up or dress down with formal lace-ups or slip-ons.

WITH FORMALITIES. A bevy of classic formal shoe styles with very Italian flair.

FLATLINERS. Head for a stylish Holiday getaway with driving flats and textured loafers.

TOO HIP. Classic hip shoes with sneaker appeal are the kind of shoes that can be worn with anything. They come in basic, low-cut lace-up without any extra adornments that fuses in an insurmountable understated style.

MILANOS is available at SM Department Stores nationwide. Also check out their Facebook page (Milanos Shoes) for more information.

Photography: Nico Villegas (Edge of Light)
Styling: Mike de Guzman & George Palmiano (MGP)
Hair & Makeup: Edwin Calingasan
Model: Robson Guaragni (IM Models)
Ad Agency: Adfolio


  1. Hi Mike. Do you know if they have smaller sizes? Let me rephrase that, what's their smallest size? ;p Thanks

  2. Hey ryan... size 7 daw. hope u find your size there. :-)