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I must say, I wasn't aware of this film until my partner George Palmiano convinced me to see the preview of IMMORTALS. I actually stopped mid-sentence and stared at its grandeur without blinking. I think Geo noticed that I went loco that evening - I would harass him all the time until I see the actual movie itself!

IMMORTALS. Hey, I am not talking about Ate Vi's movie here!

Then I saw HENRY CAVILL (the lead character as Theseus) in his oh-my-goodness topless glory, everything confirms, aside from my inclination towards Greek mythology, that I have to go and watch this movie - now!

BODY BEAUTIFUL. Henry Cavill spells S-E-X-Y!
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WAR MACHINE. Or should I say, sex machine?

I NEED A HERO. Henry Cavill as the Greek hero,Theseus.

And so we did, finally, trooped to the cinema on its first day of showing in Manila last Wednesday. It's like watching 300 and Clash of the Titans rolled into one. It's the ultimate guy’s film, with plenty of action, sword (or arrow) play and spilt blood. And for women & gays alike, there were numerous hulking men bravely displaying their to-die-for torsos - truly a bonus for the feasting eyes!

We went in to the movie expecting to see some good action scenes. After watching the trailer around ten times or more, I knew we would enjoy the whole production design, the slow motion sequences and the visual style in general. Geo also told me that the yummylicious lead actor would star in the upcoming Superman movie - I super like!

Now, the gods looking down from Mount Olympus we found truly amazing. They have special powers of course, and are scene-stealers with their magnificent, sexy golden costumes! Geo and I, being the stylists that we are, would swoon on their attires. Fabulous, stylish, well-designed, we thought. My partner, thereafter, dreams to do a fashion editorial inspired by this film and intends to do a headdress similar to that of Ares. Since my blog is all about fashion, let me share with you the awesome costumes that had us truly inspired - once again:

GOLDEN ARMY. The Greek gods in full warrior mode while looking gilded, armoured and fabulously well-chiselled. And the legs!!!

ATHENA'S GLORY. Actress Isabel Lucas (Transformers) as Athena - she looks so stunning she can pass off as Aprhodite.

GLAM GODDESS. Athena in enviable gold - perfect for Christmas party costumes should you want to win Star of the Night!

OLYMPUS GOLD. A breathtaking moment between Ares (god of war) and Athena (goddess of wisdom & heroic endeavor) on top of Mt. Olympus.

LORD OF WAR. Actor Daniel Sharman as Ares with his amazing headdress that Geo is soooo friggin' crazy about.

WHIP IT GOOD. Zeus in madness mode while vanquishing Ares using a flaming metal chain.

MIGHT & POWER. Zeus (played by Luke Evans), as father of the Greek gods, looks very young, ruggedly sexy and stylish in this movie.

A GIFT FROM THE OCEAN. A cloaked Poseidon has never looked this hot that you wouldn't mind diving the depths of the seven seas with him.

SEA GOD. Kellan Lutz (of Twilight) sheds his vampire image and becomes the sexiest Poseidon ever for Immortals.

RED VISION. The Oracles amazed us, too - in this scene, doing their chant with choreography while wearing long, red, flowy gowns.

FUTURE PERFECT. Actress Freida Pinto, as the virgin oracle Phaedra, is couture-perfect in this fiery red stunner.

HEY MICKEY! Mickey Rourke is no Mickey Mouse as the evil King Hyperion. This costume would look best during next year's Halloween.

HEROIC DEED. Stephen Dorff as Stavros, another muscle-clad character who helped Theseus during the war against Hyperion.

GREASY AFTER-FEEL. A greasy, filthy Henry Cavill stands like an awesome carved Greek work of art.

WAR IN HEAVEN. This particular snapshot from the closing scene of the movie looks like a magnificent painting depicting a battle between good and evil - mesmerizing, indeed!

In my opinion, if you want to see some pretty cool graphics, great costume designs and gory action sequences especially during the end, then go see this movie. Be warned, this is not an epic war movie in the same breath as 300, Troy or Gladiator. But if you like Greek mythology and costume drama, then you would probably enjoy this as much as we did.

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