Friday, December 16, 2011


JASMINE CURTIS, just like her flower namesake, is in full bloom.

In my blog entry a few months back, I mentioned about having to work with this sweet, pretty actress (in the process, I became an instant swooning fan). After waiting for quite a while, our cover project with HEALTH TODAY Magazine is finally out, with Jasmine as the holiday muse for its December issue.

COVER GIRL. Jasmine Curtis wearing Bayo on this month's issue of Health Today Magazine.

As the younger sister to silverscreen goddess ANNE CURTIS, 17-year old Jasmine is raring to find her own niche in local showbusiness. In an article by HEALTH TODAY, Jasmine reveals that she initially planned to audition for Australia's Next Top Model. However, an opportunity came, with TV5 offering her with something she couldn't resist. She's also the new style sister for LOVE, BAYO (Bayo's younger clothing line).

IN FULL BLOOM. Jasmine shows that's she's all grown up while wearing this dress by Chris Diaz, available at Myth.

For more fabulous read about JASMINE CURTIS, please check out article written by one of our favorite mothers in the industry, Ms. Annie Alejo Special thanks to Ms. Anna Gamboa for getting us to style for Jasmine. Grab your copies now!

Photography: Christian Obmerga
Styling: Mike de Guzman & George Palmiano (MGP)
Hair & Makeup: Fred Penales (Hairshaft)
Model: Jasmine Curtis

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