Monday, April 18, 2011

EMPIRE OF THE SUN: Style Denizens Talk Holy Week Destinations

I don't know about you, but I am already in vacation mode. It's only Monday, but I am super itching my way to reclaim my place under the sun, wearing nautical stripes with cool shades, sipping cold cocktails and baywatching for some cute guys. Hehe!

Of course, we know it's Lent - time to reflect, repent and abstain. Petinence aside, this is also the time of the year when loved ones and/or friends can take some moment off from work and just, you know, relax. Don't worry, as a devout Catholic, I'll be back hopefully on Thursday in time for my annual take on the Visita Iglesia. Sadly though, I'll miss out on visiting old, historical and grand churches all over the province of Laguna with my partner George and his beloved family.

Before I escape with my family for summer vacay tomorrow, I asked some friends also from the fashion industry about their "stylish" plans for the Holy Week. Let's see if we can pick fashionable ideas on how to get some R&R. Or the perfect tan. Enough of my etchos, it's survey time again!

ERIC DELOS SANTOS, Fashion Designer (YDG)

 "I'll be going home to my hometown city of love, Iloilo! Hahaha!" exclaims Eric, a true-blooded Ilonggo. That explains why this young designer is well-loved and adored by many. "We do Visita Iglesia with my family. Good thing sa Iloilo is madaming beaches, old churches, and we are very near Guimaras Island!"

Guimaras Island shown here: sooo picture-perfect! If this is paradise, Eric, pasama naman kami!

RICHARD ROMERO, owner of retail brands SHAPES & MIRROR

 "We're leaving na on Wednesday! Sama ka?" says Boss Rich, as I usually call him. It has been busy days lately for this young businessman, putting up another clothing line for boys and girls due for grand launch sometime middle of this year. Together with his partner Mr. August Virray, they will be off to Candelaria, Zambales with their families, and then stay at Potipot Island for several days. Rest, bonding with loved ones and nature tripping, these people deserve the ultimate vacation!


After seeing this pic of Potipot Island, I might consider Boss Rich's invite since my family will be in Subic. Potipot is a tiny patch of  island with white coral sand in Zambales.

BOBBY CARLOS, Chief Makeup Artist for Max Factor

The newly-appointed Bobby Carlos of Max Factor is beauty-bound for Singapore. With his hectic sched doing shoots and weddings left and right, Bob (together with hubby Louis Claparols) is taking time away from it all. "I'm gonna do mega-shopping!" he says. Ikaw na talaga sis, ikaw na ang Rica Peralejo! Just be sure you arrive in time for our shoot next week, OK!

I have a huge feeling that Bobby's main shopping target while at Singapore will be the Nike floral shoes collaboration with Liberty of London. Let the merlion show him the right location!

NINYA FLAVIO, Marketing Officer & fashion blogger

Together with Arnie Jocson of our beloved Monday Magazine, Ninya and their barkada are having a trip north. They plan to conquer the quiant town of Pagudpod in Ilocos Norte. "Ay naku exciting! Sa wednesday ang alis - roadtrip with tent ang drama!" tells Ninya. "They want the adventure chu chu! Hahaha! Kaloka! I havent done that, so hindi ko alam kung kaya ng powers ko!"

There are lots of scenic spots to visit while at Pagudpod, aside from its pristine white sand beaches. The Bangui Windmills tops the list. That being said, Ninya is preparing to shop for a lot of 'Mahal na Araw clothes.' "Dapat may effort!" she concludes.

 JIAN LASALA, Fashion Designer

 "We're going to Puerto Rico, mamu, in the Republic of Mindoro!" giggles Jian, obviously referring to Puerto Galera. "I'll be there kasama ang mga friendship ko lang. Sa Thursday morning kami aalis. Nagprepare talaga ako ng mga outfits mars!!!" They plan to stay at the White Beach Lodge. "In the morning, magpapa-tan ako sa mga shores, then retail therapy sa mga stalls. Food trip as well! In the afternoon, usually sunset viewing and then volleyball. Minsan picture taking, then swim sa beach!" Wow Jian, talk about an extensive plan for a long vacation!

Puerto Galera's famous White Beach is a long stretch of fine, almost white sand. There's a barrage of parties all-day, all-night that Jian and company will surely be doing some barhopping.

RXANDY CAPINPIN, Fashion Photographer

The edgy and offbeat Rxandy will be spending an unusual Lenten escapade. "Will be working this Thursday in Porac, Pampanga... Haysh... and then on the weekend, will stay home... very fashyon no?" Rxandy will be shooting lookbooks of designers for the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week, as well as for Manila Bulletin. Ang sipag mo gurl!

Lahar land - will Rxandy do a desert shoot and survive the heat in the middle of nowhereland full of dust, sand and rocks? All in the name of fashion!

RIA AQUINO, Makeup Artist

For Ria, it's all massage massage & massage this Holy Week! With all the hassles in Manila, she and her sister are retreating to Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay for some pampering and rejuvenation. "I want to try the hot stone massage. They call it Nilaib treatment," she says. "I am excited na for the long break!" 

The Nilaib treatment, as shown here, is widely-acclaimed therapeutic treatment at Nurture Spa. "Para fresh ang aura ulit after," adds Ria. Gotta try that sometime soon, too!

MICKEY SEE, Makeup Artist

Top makeup artist Mickey See sees more raket this Holy Week. "I'm going to Misibis for work pa din hehe! Pre-nup shoot for a wedding on April 20-21, then I'll be back in Manila til Sunday, family bonding every year!" Curacha lang ang peg ni Mickey, hehehe!  

The Misibis Bay Resort is always on top of my dream getway list. Promise, I'll be there someday! Right, Geo?

KERMIT TESORO, Fashion Designer

I am a great fan of this young fashion maverick. When it comes to his designs, I know he's a deep thinker. However, Kermit wouldn't be anywhere but home this Lenten season. "Oh meyn...I'm the most boring person on earth. I have a concept of Holy Week's penitence by pushing my workload twice the amount. Long story short, I stay home," says Kermit. Perhaps he's contemplating on his collection for the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week.

To Kermit and everybody else, may this week be meaningful - a week to change your world.

NOTE: Some pictures in this blog article are not mine. For depiction purposes only.


  1. Very interesting! Have blessed week, Mike. Send my regards to Geo, too. xoxo

  2. Tnx Edmir! Hope u had a great week, too!