Thursday, April 14, 2011

Designer Face Off: WALK WITH WINGS

Fashion giant Hermes should have first thought of this. Mercury DrugStore would surely be delighted with the idea.

If we can't fly, don't you like the thought of walking with winged sandals?

Up until now, JEREMY SCOTT's playful wings for ADIDAS ORIGINALS have only graced chunky basketball-inspired silhouettes. But Scott’s girlfriends wanted something lighter and more feminine, so he created these ADIDAS ObyO JS Wings Ballerinas, which feature non-removable wings, multicolour dots, and a signature sockliner.

Adidas JS Winged Ballerinas
(photo from Adidas Originals FB)

On the other hand, MELISSA x VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Anglomania Winged Shoes are also taking flight. The platform shoes, presented at the 2010 Spring Red Collection during the London Fashion Week, look like goddess footwear especially made for the fashion-forward. The shoes are 100% recyclable and are super gorgeous. Due to its recyclable quality, these well-designed platform sandals represent the next level of innovation in fashion.

Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Winged Shoes
(Photo from

Just thinking about these shoes, I could almost fly!

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