Sunday, April 3, 2011


Style pundits around the world, as well as our local fiercely-real vekinistas, must swear to the fashion gods with the news about DIET COKE'S second collaboration with Mr. Chanel, KARL LAGERFELD. Dieting has never been this chi-chi fashionable, and I can already feel others switching their Pepsi Max to this limited edition bottles.

Three stylish reasons to come back to dieting. Haaayzz!

According to news, the highly-revered Lagerfeld, this time, created 3 new bottle designs featuring graphic prints in stripes, polka dots and stars in bright fuchsia & black - all with his trademark, recognizable silhoutte. For sure, stylistas will be touting these bottles around town like their own accessories as soon as they hit the racks and will be lining down the counter for these truly and irresistably "must-have" collectibles.

The Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld will be available in June 2011 in individual bottles or as a set in a prism-shaped Collector’s Box created by the designer. Although I am a Regular Coke fanatic, I just hope they will be available in the Philippines, too. Does that mean I should also start to diet soon? Our Diet Coke diehard friends Bobby Carlos of Max Factor and Ayen Florendo of SM Menswear must be feeling soooo thirsty by now!

NOTE: I do not own this picture.


  1. Hahahaha! This is sooooo cooool!!!

    But... They forgot the animal print collection mikey!!!!

  2. mader baka next year pa daw yan composing of three new veking-veki designs - may leopard print, python print at zebra print! pick ur choice!