Sunday, April 24, 2011


As a country predominantly Christian both in values and faith, nothing can be more fasyon than remembering the passion of Christ this Lenten season.

We, Pinoys, have gone accustomed to Holy Week traditions such as the senakulo, the pabasa, a multitude of processions, the Visita Iglesia, to name a few. Personally, I feel incomplete without having to visit at least 7 churches that had special meaning to me, or I found I needed to go and see to enrich myself spiritually or culturally.

GORGEOUS SUNSET. I took this photo while at Subic with my family. Holy Week is more than a vacation - it is also a time to reflect, find inner peace, and thank God for natural wonders such as this breathtaking sunset along Subic Bay. Isn't life beautiful?

MAUNDY THURSDAY. After having dinner, we went to a nearby chapel along Dewey Ave. that looked more like Simbang Gabi than Semana Santa. I could remember my uncle, who served in the US Navy before, bringing us here during our holiday stay, as well as those days when the Americans played gods - it was so much better then!

VIA CRUCIS. It was nice to see young ones join their adult counterparts in doing the Stations of the Cross.

TRUE RELIGION. Please say a little prayer for us, mom!

DIVINE INTERVENTION. A carosa carrying Jesus Christ awaited the devotees outside the church.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Candles blazed in the dark of the night - giving us hope and renewed spirituality.

CARRY YOUR CROSS. No loads are too heavy as long as you have faith in Him.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS. We give flowers to those we love - and to those we honor.

GUARDIAN ANGEL. Back in Manila, an angel welcomed me at St. Anthony's Parish. This carved figure has been there since I was in Prep school - a magnificent piece of religious art!

HOLIER THAN THOU. Even if it's kinda dirty, as a Catholic, I must dip my hand on that bowl of Holy Water before entering the church.

PASCHAL MYSTERY. Priests line up in the dark at Manila Cathedral during Black Saturday.

LA PIETA. This is one of the monumental artworks inside Manila Cathedral that continues to amaze me everytime I visit.

BASILICA. The Manila Cathedral's magnificent facade (during night) is always inspiring.
LOST ART. I don't hate street art - but in Intramuros? Saw this wall while walking my way from the Cathedral to San Agustin Church.
SAVE THE YOUTH. I saw this young boy upon entry to San Agustin Church, and I thought he was real.

INRI. Of all the blessings we have received, we must also remember the pain and suffering that Jesus went thru while dying on the cross.

ON HOLY GROUND. The tombstones on the wall almost gave me the creep!

ALTAR BOUND. This grandiose altar of San Agustin is one the reasons why this church has been a long time favorite. Notice the elaborate details - don't you want to walk down this aisle someday?

LIGHT MY FIRE. I am not sure what these things are - I saw other churches having the same. Maybe they'll light this during the Salubong.

ALLELUJAH! The Lord is risen! Peace be to all! Happy Easter everyone!

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