Saturday, April 30, 2011


Seeing OS ACCESSORIES on hand, I must say it's kilig to the bones!

These are no dinosaur skeletons! Though bone might tend to be associated with the primitive, even prehistoric, new accessory label OS believes that the raw beauty of the material is extremely versatile. Combining high-quality polyutherane animal bone reproductions with industrial elements, such as nuts, bolts, screws, and chains, OS provides unmistakably contemporary and completely wearable accessories - giving your personal style some teeth.

OS revolves around the idea of bones as objects of adornment, living up to the ethymology of its name. It is composed of like-minded individuals who are multidiscplinary creatives. Kat Medina is a painter, illustrator and jewelry designer. Paul Jatayna is a photographer, blogger and style enthusiast. AJ Omandac, whom I've recently met and dealt with, is originally an artist-illustrator.

It was a trip to Baguio , June last year, when they saw tribal jewelry in Session Road. During that time these folks were wearing layered metal accessories, and from then came an innovative idea that bones and metals are a perfect marriage! It took them a while, though, to finally launch the brand, but it was all worth the wait.
The buzz about this new accessory line is that upon its initial release, the Volume I collection got sold out immediately. Fashion enthusiasts, who are not afraid to be different, are to be blamed as they took the chance to wear the bones first, and stir some ohhhhs and ahhhhs. However, to interested others who want to place orders, the edgy trio handcraft each piece themselves, and no worries since they have regular production each month.

OS Vol. I Collection is available for viewing online at Place your orders here since they ship locally and internationally. OS will also be stocking by May at Anthology at Rockwell Powerplant Mall, AC+362 in Greenbelt 5 and at Poetry, Siem Rep in Cambodia.

SPINE Necklace. Price: P4,550
RIB CAGE Necklace. Price: P1,490
BONE TIE Necklace. Price: P890
CARTILAGE Necklace. Price: P4,850

FISHBONE Necklace. Price: P1,590

TUSK Necklace. Price: P1,190
CROSSBONE Necklace. Price: P790

SCAPULA Necklace. Price: P1,590
VERTEBRAE Necklace. Price: P4,990
HORN Necklace. Price: P1,390
BIRDSKULL Necklace. Price: P790

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Ryuji Shiomitsu
Hair & Makeup: Archie Tolentino
Art Direction & Layout: Paul Jatayne & Kat Medina
Models: Shereed Villanueva & Kate Bautista


  1. Nice! Mahalukay yung mga bones ko sa Bio class at magawa ngang accessories. hahaha

  2. @a2c: korek! time to be more artistic and fashion forward! gow!